Solve the problem to enhance the confidence of thousands of cadres into the enterprise services in X

March 25, 2017 unrbuuvd 0

Since the thousands of cadres into the enterprise service activities, 800 cadres from three counties of Xining municipal authorities deployed 200 cadres and four district, the production line in the enterprise, identify problems, analyze and solve problems, promote the implementation of comprehensive benefits of enterprise policy measures, and dividend policy into corporate dividends, help enterprises… Read more

Xining city will invest more than 1500 yuan to build social welfare center

March 24, 2017 kbywunqr 0

is based on the reality of regional economic development, to meet the Empty Nester, alone, alone, abandoned and disabled children and towns "three" personnel demand as the starting point, the north area of Xining city actively seek provincial and municipal fiscal funds, matching funds and social resources, mobilize social forces to the new city District… Read more

Xining City North District thorough investigation of the behavior of dumping garbage

March 23, 2017 kbywunqr 0

recently, north of the city of Xining City District Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau to take daily checking, Vigil combination, on the area of construction vehicle is not closed, transport along Yisa, indiscriminate dumping of construction waste and other illegal behavior investigation.

The opening and running of Qinghai local network

March 21, 2017 osappmnl 0

In December 31, 2015, the opening of Qinghai local chronicles network, marking the construction of Qinghai local information into a new stage. The operation of the website will play a positive role in the preservation, dissemination and utilization of the local chronicles of Qinghai province.

Xining urban management and Law Enforcement Bureau to preach stability and promote development

March 21, 2017 omyialte 0

is the central rural work conference, in-depth publicity, the spirit and the central and provincial one spirit of the document, the Xining Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau residency working group in Huangyuan county and Pingxiang village preaching period, around in the village committee election center, the masses to carry out propaganda, rely on the masses to… Read more

Xining publicity of urban management and law enforcement withheld preservation and handling of goods

March 21, 2017 ukohrrda 0

in mid March this year, Qinghai Province, Xining Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau in the city’s urban management system for the first time the implementation of urban administrative law enforcement shall register goods publicity system, so far, more than 95% of the rate of satisfaction in the. in the city management process in the past, for… Read more

Xining full implementation of grid environment regulation

March 21, 2017 hwfhifex 0

in order to strengthen the environmental protection work in our city, improve the environmental supervision and law enforcement efficiency, timely and effective handling of various types of environmental violations, the city construction grid environment monitoring system in three counties and four district five zones and rural community, to achieve all-round, full coverage, seamless management of… Read more

Xining education will reap more surprises to get more benefits for the masses

March 21, 2017 ukohrrda 0

October 15th, a reporter from the Xining City Education Conference was informed that in the future period, Xining city will be to do the people’s satisfaction of education as the goal, to morality education as the fundamental task, pay close attention to the focus, and strive to create a new situation in the city’s education,… Read more

Xining city district six into zero distance interpretation of the city

March 21, 2017 unrbuuvd 0

The city’s three largest industry wages

March 21, 2017 waaskkvs 0

The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of statistics, in 2014 the city’s Urban Non private units, finance, transportation, storage and postal services, electricity, gas and water production and supply industry three industry employment in the average wage of the highest.