Dart Guardiola to Barcelona: “Don’t talk too loudly …”

first_img“After the game we can talk about what you want, now I want to focus on the game“Guardiola started.”At the beginning (the sanction) was an impact, after hours you realize that it is not something we can control. We support the club one hundred percent, what we have to do is focus on our matches, “he said. Asked if the sanction is going to affect his players, Guardiola was clear.” They are exceptional professionals, “he said.This Wednesday also pronounced on the sanction Ferrán Soriano, CEO of the City, saying that the allegations are “false” and that is based on “stolen mails”. The manager hopes that by the beginning of summer this situation will be resolved.After the game he responded to BartomeuAfter the victory against West Ham Pep Guardiola also valued the sanction and sent a message to the Barcelona board in statements to Sky sport: “If Barcelona is happy because we are suspended, I would tell the president that we will appeal. We believe that we are right, we will appeal, but my advice to Barcelona is not to speak too loudly because sometimes everyone is involved in these situations. “ Direct reference to the support of Barça to UEFA in the City sanction. Pep Guardiola, coach of Manchester City, spoke for the first time about the penalty they have received from UEFA and said that support the club “one hundred percent”. The City has been sanctioned by UEFA without being able to participate in European competitions in the next two years, in addition to a fine of 30 million euros. A few minutes after starting his Premier League game postponed against West Ham United, the Spanish coach spoke on the Sky Sports microphones. “Why should I go? I said a month ago, I love this club, I like being here. Why should I go?“Guardiola told Sky Sports about the possibility of the FA descending to the team. citizen Then add in a press conference: “If you don’t fire me, I’ll be here. I love this club. I like to be here. This is my club and I will be here. We call. When someone thinks he is right, he has to fight. The club has to fight and I trust the club 100% of what they have done and explained to me. This situation (for the sanction) is not over and until it is resolved you have to play and play and that is what will happen. “De Bruyne, on the sanction: “For us nothing has changed”Kevin de Bruyne, chosen best player in the 2-0 victory against West Ham United on Wednesday, went to step of the penalty received by UEFA and clarified that for the players “nothing has changed”.The City has been sanctioned for breaking the rules of ‘fair play’ financial and may not participate in the next two years in competitions European, in addition to having to pay a fine of 30 million euros. “We were on vacation when the news came up. We came back And we play soccer. The situation is what it is. We went back and trained normal. For us, nothing has changed“said the Belgian to the microphones from Sky sports.“We have a lot to go, with the two cups and the Champions League, so we hope to catch up as quickly as possible and win some Titles“De Bruyne added. Kevin de Bruyne, elected best player in the 2-0 victory against West Ham United on Wednesday, stepped out of the penalty received by UEFA and clarified that for players “nothing has changed.”last_img

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