Pereira: “It will not be much less the result of Barcelona”

first_imgThe faces against Atlético are again seen, where he played two seasons and took two leagues, how will his return and the match against the mattresses be?Being the first against the second, the more you win. Back to Atlético, a club where I was very good and treated me very well, is always beautiful and special. The hobby is always present and I like it a lot. It will be a beautiful game and eager to live it.What is clear is that Atlético does not go through its best moment, they do not find their best version and they are already nine points …Each year they have been key players, they have been winning Laliga for three years despite that and in the end it is difficult to be so many years up to keep winning, but I think that because of the character of the players I know they will get ahead. Sometimes there are bad streaks and it is difficult to leave. We expect a competitive game such as Atlético, no matter what happens, the character of the players over happens everything that can happen.Dani González opens on the bench of Atlético and they say that a new technical victory sure, will you go to break that saying?Let’s hope so. I think he is a house technician who knows the values ​​and how an Atlético team has to play. Hopefully we break that saying, but surely it will not be much less the result of Barcelona.This year it seems that you have taken the First Iberdrola very seriously and you have the title very expensive …We have always taken it very seriously. It is true that you cannot lose so many games, Atlético this year is costing you more to get results and that is why we have distanced ourselves. In this league, if you play in two games being Atlético or Barça, it is very difficult because the other team does not fail. This year it was our turn to have the good run and compete all the games, they are costing them more. It was already time for things to turn upside down and we were ahead.You are doing a season and today Barcelona seems unstoppable, what has changed with other years?He signed very well and something different from what he had and has helped us to be that different team, that improved version of Barça that this year is giving us a great game. They are more goals and fewer goals conceded. That is positive, in the end with three changes we have been able to change the version, but it is an improved version. Could not be another year without winning anything Barca, we want to place where it deserves to be.In addition, Lluís Cortés is doing many rotations, but the team does not suffer …It is something important, in the end not having such a base team being able to change five or six players and keep winning is positive, not only because they are all motivated but because they can take breaks. Many competitions are coming, now with the Super Cup we add one more, and to get it right at the end it is important the rotations. You know that you are going to play and you will be motivated and it gives you confidence when you have to leave. Personal level things are also going very well, even though Van der Grart started out as a starter, the Dutchwoman’s injury has given her the job and now there is no one to move her from there.Knowing how to wait for your opportunity and be all prepared, not just me, all, in the end you don’t know with so many games what can happen. Unfortunately Van Der Grart was injured and I took the opportunity and I think I have fulfilled.And getting Barcelona to be a very difficult team to win …Many times we talk to Mapi when it is 6-1, 3-1, that goal, even if you have scored so many goals, that goal gives you bad feelings. That they score a goal and more in the way they get it that already lowers the concentration a little because with 6-0 the same is not important, but with what comes ahead, that goal and that lack of concentration can result more negative That goal leaves you feeling that we don’t like anything.It’s hard to stay focused with those markers.It is true that in the end you go forward wanting to enlarge the difference and in the end by deconcentration or thinking more about scoring another goal you end up forgetting the defense a bit. Hopefully this goal that we get sometimes does not affect us very negatively. The matches that come is something important to have the goal to zero.Winning Atletico at home, do you think the league is over?Finished not because there are many games left and we know that Atlético will not give up until he is a mathematician. It is a large mattress and a different assumable to face the second round with more rotations and changes and know that you have Champions, Super Cup, Cup … it gives you a little more that you can deconcentrate a tad to fight for the rest of competitions but it is not won . Be first-hand how Atlético is and how are your players, even Levante, it is a good mattress, but it is not finished.Another challenge will be to stay alive in Champions, where last year you got something historic …We focus primarily on winning the league. Having the reference from last year in Champiosn we could live it and hopefully it will happen again. The main thing is the league and then in March we will think about the champions. Now we have this game, the Super Cup, the Cup …With two other Classics in Europe plus the Super Cup, Go binge of Classics!Yes, the truth is that when we saw the Super Cup draw we think, for the analyst it will be less work. There are many games and I think that for us it is negative. If you win the first one, you think the second one goes with more confidence and that is where you can make that mistake, both they and us. You win and think it’s possible, you go out clueless and the surprise can come out. They will be beautiful and disputed games that the fans like this type of games and hopefully they all decide in our favor.Where do you see in June?I do not know, I hope that if possible playing many finals. I am living in the present, I try to focus on this and for June there is a lot left …last_img

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