Avengers Endgame Google Easter egg unleashes Thanos gauntlet online

first_imgSearch results gone, courtesy of Thanos’ gauntlet Screenshot by Steven Musil/CNET Sure, seeing half the galaxy’s population dissolve into dust with the snap of a finger is sad and stunning, but imagine if half your search results vanished just as quickly.That’s the downright scary proposition Google is offering search engine users who do a simple query for Thanos, the supervillain who snapped away half the universe in 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War. The follow-up, Avengers: Endgame, is now in theaters. (Read our spoiler-free and spoiler-filled reviews.) The Easter egg originally launched Wednesday afternoon but, as if snuffed out by Thanos, it quickly vanished until Thursday.thanos-glove-search-resultLike Rocket’s advice to Baby Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, don’t push this button! Er, glove. Steven Musil/CNET The search triggers an Easter egg that presents Thanos’ Infinity-stone studded gauntlet in the upper right corner of Google’s search results. But be warned that the power the image wields is far-reaching. Before your very eyes the random elimination of half the search results will unfold. Google even gives you an updated count on search returns to show you the magnitude of your actions, displaying its familiar number of search results in the upper left corner. They decline from about 90 million results to just 45 million. In Infinity War, Thanos, of course, used the glove to reduce the population of the galaxy because he thought it was too crowded. Perhaps Google secretly feels the same about search results on the web. But take heart. Although those Thanos search results have vanished, you can restore them with another click on the mad titan’s glove. Tags Originally published April 25. 2 Endgame is here Online TV and Movies Marvel Google The Avengers Spoiler-free review: Love letter to fans tops Infinity War Spoiler-packed review: MCU clincher so close to perfect No postcredits scene, but there’s a tiny audio stinger The biggest spoiler-filled WTF questions It’s three hours long: The best times to pee Captain America will always be my favorite Avengercenter_img Now playing: Watch this: Our spoiler-free Avengers: Endgame discussion (The 3:59,… Comments This isn’t the first time Google has planted an Easter egg in its search results. For less destructive but definitely more disorienting results, search on Google for “askew,” “anagram” or “do a barrel roll.” (Pro tip: Keep the Dramamine handy for the last one.) Google’s Easter egg comes as movie fans’ anticipation grows for Avengers: Endgame. The movie, all three hours of it, opened April 24 in Australia, April 25 in the UK and April 26 in the US.  Share your voice 4:07last_img read more

Theres still time to prevent biased AI from taking over the world

first_imgArtificial intelligence is ubiquitous. Mobile maps route us through traffic, algorithms can now pilot automobiles, virtual assistants help us smoothly toggle between work and life, and smart code is adept at surfacing our next our new favorite song.But AI could prove dangerous, too. Tesla CEO Elon Musk once warned that biased, unmonitored and unregulated AI could be the “greatest risk we face as a civilization.” Instead, AI experts are concerned that automated systems are likely to absorb bias from human programmers. And when bias is coded into the algorithms that power AI it will be nearly impossible to remove. 2:32 Software Internet Examples of AI bias are copious: In July 2015 the Google Photos AI system labeled black people as gorillas; in March 2018 CNET reported that Amazon and Google’s smart devices appear to have trouble understanding accents; in October, 2018 Amazon scuttled an AI-powered job recruitment tool that appeared to discriminate against women; in May, 2019 a report from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) found that AI personal assistants can reinforce harmful gender stereotypes.To better understand how AI might be governed, and how to prevent human bias from altering the automated systems we rely on every day, CNET spoke with Salesforce AI experts Kathy Baxter and Richard Socher in San Francisco. Regulating the technology might be challenging, and the process will require nuance, said Baxter. Post a comment Now playing: Watch this: Why regulating AI is essential but might be impossible 3:48 The industry is working to develop “trusted AI that is responsible, that it is mindful, and safeguards human rights,” she said. “That we make sure [the process] does not infringe on those human rights. It also needs  to be transparent. It has to be able to explain to the end user what is it doing, and give them the opportunity to make informed choices with it.”Salesforce and other tech firms, Baxter said, are developing cross-industry guidance on the criteria for data used in AI data models. “We will show the factors that are used in a model like age, race, gender. And we’re going to raise a flag if you’re using one of those protected data categories.” This is how biased AI could quickly become a big problem Now playing: Watch this: 0 Tags Share your voice Artificial intelligence (AI)last_img read more

Air India lays down new rules for unruly passengers to charge hefty

first_imgIn the wake of the Shiv Sena MP controversy, Air India on Monday laid down fresh rules to handle unruly passengers. The national carrier will press legal action and impose fine/charges on troublemakers.Watch: FIR against Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad for hitting Air India staffer ’25 times’ with slippers [VIDEO]The airlines will impose a fine of Rs 5 lakh for delay up to 1 hour, Rs10 lakh for more than 1 hour and 15 lakh for more than 2 hours.last_img

4 Indicted in Florida Shooting Death of Rapper XXXTentacion

first_imgBy The Associated PressFORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — A Florida grand jury has indicted four men on first-degree murder and armed robbery charges in the shooting death of emerging rap star XXXTentacion.Broward County panel formally charged Dedrick Williams, 22; Michael Boatwright, 22; Trayvon Newsome, 20; and Robert Allen, 22, on Wednesday, court records showed.Rapper XXXTentatcion (Screenshot/YouTube)According to a warrant filed in Boatwright’s case, the car driven by XXXTentacion, whose real name was Jahseh Onfroy, was blocked by a dark-colored SUV as it was exiting the Riva Motor Sports motorcycle shop. Two masked men got out of the SUV with a gun intending to rob XXXTentacion, who had a Louis Vitton bag containing $50,000 in cash, police said.A struggle ensued and the 20-year-old rapper was shot multiple times by one or more gunman, who took the bag and fled. The indictment names Boatwright as the person who fatally shot XXXTentacion.Williams was arrested two days after the shooting, and Boatwright was arrested earlier this month on an unrelated drug charge. Authorities continue to search for Allen and Newsome.At least one of the suspects, Williams, was seen in the store on surveillance cameras while XXXTentacion was shopping. A store clerk said Williams purchased a black neoprene mask and that he recognized Williams as a repeat customer, according to the warrant.Williams later told police he was with others at the motorcycle shop but did not know in advance they intended to rob the rapper. Authorities say Williams drove the SUV.“Williams stated that he wanted to tell the truth … Williams stated he was fearful of being labeled a snitch when he went to prison,” the warrant says.Later, police said Williams’ girlfriend told them he had told her he was involved but that it was Boatwright and Newsome who carried out the actual robbery and slaying. Police also found cellphone data on Boatwright’s phone indicating it was near the motorcycle shop at the time of the killing.Other evidence includes cellphone video and photos with three of the suspects holding large amounts of $100 bills, police said.XXXTentacion, who sported dreadlocks and facial tattoos and who pronounced his name “Ex ex ex ten-ta-see-YAWN,” was a platinum-selling rising star who tackled issues including prejudice and depression in his songs. He also drew criticism over bad behavior and multiple arrests, including charges that he severely beat and abused his girlfriend.Messages sent to attorneys for Boatwright and Williams weren’t immediately returned. It wasn’t immediately known if the other two had attorneys.last_img read more

Breathless Pat Shand Discusses Adventure And Horror in New Graphic Novel

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Ayala And Pearson’s The Wilds is a Zombie Apocalypse Tale to Pick UpKwanza Osajyefo on Writing Black AF: America’s Sweetheart Stay on targetcenter_img Pat Shand is a comics writer, editor, publisher, novelist, and podcaster just to name a few things. In comics, Pat has done both licensed and creator-owned books. One of his latest creator-owned series, Breathless, is slated to come out early next year through Black Mask Studios. I got to catch up with Pat and ask him about this new series. Thanks for taking the time to chat with me, Pat! Let’s jump right in. What’s the elevator pitch for Breathless?We’ve been pitching it as “Buffy if the Big Bad was the pharmaceutical industry,” which pretty much sums up the feel. Sometimes, you just have to cut to the chase, though, and say what it’s about: An asthmatic cryptozoologist discovers what might be the cure for asthma and is targeted by a business that makes its wealth off of prescription drugs.Also, there is a very good dog in this series. I write a LOT of series with cats, so I figured that might be a selling point, maybe? Dog.How did you end up collaborating with Renzo Rodriguez?He and I have done a lot of work before together on work-for-hire type shit. I originally saw his stuff in a book written by my guy Adam Cheal, and I was impressed by Renzo back then. His horror is great, always has been, and he continually evolves. He’s one of my closest collaborators, so it was high time that we did something that we created from the jump.The pharmaceutical industry has been on a lot of people’s minds in recent years as more and more issues of dishonesty and corruption have come to light. What about the pharmaceutical industry informed your story and how you approached it?I talked about this a little bit in an interview I did elsewhere, so I’ll keep this short as not to repeat myself, but I thought of that fuck Martin Shkreli who famously raised the price of much-needed medication by an astronomical number. I thought of Charlamagne the God asking Shkreli to his face if he was nothing more than a privileged prick. I thought of, most of all, every time I go to the pharmacy to buy my medication. Every time, without fail, the pharmacist scans my package, visibly balks at what they see on the screen, and, their voice dropping, asks me if I’m aware how much my prescriptions cost.I’m fucking aware.Ugh, I hear that. You and I are both Buffy fans. The Initiative from season four came to mind while I was reading this regarding facilities that know of supernatural beings and try to figure them out. Other franchises like Men In Black have somewhat similar concepts, but they’re all different from what you’re going for here with Breathless. What stories helped inspire and influence Breathless and the facility our leads work at and what did you look to avoid?I totally see what you mean about the Initiative stuff from Buffy. I was more going for the Breaking Bad lab, the big one ran by Gus Fring! That, and a mix of Tony Stark’s lab, if Tony were involved in dissecting monsters for their medical properties instead of cutting-edge tech. He’d be so not as rich, right? Basically, though, the reason that Scout is a cryptozoologist in this series is one, to get cool monsters, of course. But two, most importantly, to position Scout in this role where her career operates on the fringes of society. She’s working off the books. She’s 10-99ing it. She can’t get insurance through her job, so she’s just like us as comics creators. I wanted the horror movie equivalent of what we go through every day, trying to stay healthy and alive in a world with a medical industry that doesn’t really see the need for freelancers to exist.So your protagonist is named Scout, full disclosure I had the sweetest cat on earth named Scout growing up so I’m a little biased to the name, and she seems to ride that line between empathetic of others and self-serving. Who are some of the inspirations for Scout and how do you approach writing a character that walks a fine line like her?You know I’m a cat guy, Joe. My wife Amy and I have five of our own cats. Westley, Odo, Neal, Hoyt, and Chichi. And nah, he’s not named after Neal Adams.But yeah, you know what? I think my Scout might be a lot like your Scout. Empathetic, at times, but self-serving for sure. I don’t want to say THAT much about Scout because Breathless is a character study. I want people to read it and enjoy the surface of the story, the adventure, and the horror, but then I hope people look back and think a little about Scout. I put a lot of myself and a lot of my anger into Scout as a character, my anger for where we are and my anger for the way that I feel that myself and people like me have been forgotten by an industry that should only function to help everyone.My last interview for this, they asked if this was a preachy comic. It’s totally not. That last paragraph might make it seem like it is, just because it does come from a place of discontent with a system – but fuck it, if someone reads the book and Scout is the fucking villain to them, sure. It could happen. I want that.True, you are a cat guy. You also have a lot of experience writing horror comics over the years. What draws you to the genre and how is it different than writing other series like Destiny, NY?I think it’s less different because of the genre, and more different because of what it’s about. That’s probably a bullshit writer answer, but it’s true. Destiny, NY – the ongoing series of graphic novels I publish through my own company, Space Between Entertainment – that is a fantasy, but I hinge it around the characters and their love lives and personal woes so fully that my rule in that series is 2-5% supernatural, 95-98% natural. Breathless is more indulgent, less about the metaphor and more about constantly bodily threats. The core of great horror, I feel, reminds us constantly that all we are is a bag of meat that’s going to fall apart one day. That’s slowly falling apart right now. Take away the monsters, and if that’s still the core of your story, that’s horror. That’s Breathless.We do have monsters, though. I just love to see Renzo do his goddamn thing.Awesome! Outside of writing novels about Iron Man and your favorite Avenger, Thor, you tend to write female leads and are queer inclusive. Breathless is no exception. How do you go about tackling intersectionality in comics like Breathless?I live in New York. I wrote theatre before comics. It’s different in off-off-Broadway theatre, really different. When I started writing comics and had to literally argue to not have a fully straight/white cast… that was a big fucking eye-opener. Comics has a long way to go in many respects. I think a big part of it is that a lot of writers still in 2018, they’re writing stories that feel and look like the world of the comics they grew up loving as kids. If we seek to write instead stories that feel and look like the world we actually live in… I think things would be different. I can’t wait for you to meet Grace-Eisley Wellington Burke. She’s in some of the art I showed you, but her dialogue is fucking crazy. I’ve never written a character with a speech pattern even close to hers. I want to do a cover; I think we’ll do it for #3 or #4, where almost the entire cover is just a speech bubble of Grace-Eisley rambling. Even her name takes a minute to say.Interesting about the culture shock moving from theatre to comics. I hope that will keep changing for the better. So why is Black Mask Studios the perfect home for Breathless? Hahaha well… I told this story on my podcast, the Space Between Podcast, but I have to tell it here, because you were THERE. That’s one of the reasons you’re the first person I hit up about this, because you were there when I first pitched to Black Mask and it was a fucking disaster. At the time, this was a pretty shitty moment for me, but now I love this story.So, it’s New York Comic Con in 2016, and I’m at the Black Mask booth, talking to Matt Pizzolo. He had always been super nice to me, and every conversation we had up until that point was pretty much Matt saying that we just had to find the right project. I printed out this waaay too long booklet that had a bunch of pitches, and I was just starting to talk Matt through it. You had walked up at that point – you were at the booth too. Matt told me that he only had a short window before he had to duck out, so I’m like cool, I can do this, let’s roll. As soon as I started to pitch, this drunk dude not a yard away from Matt and me hurls. Projectile. It was chaos for a while, with a bunch of us trying to get this dude help, all of that, and by the time it was all done, I was beyond stressed. I stuttered and bumbled my way through a quick pitch, and Matt – always, a super nice guy – said we’d talk. I felt that I had totally messed up, though, that the incident had really derailed me. I remember you saying something about how it felt like a Curb Your Enthusiasm moment. That’s pretty accurate to how I felt. Looking back, it’s fucking hilarious, but in the moment… whew, for some reason, I thought that I’d blown my chance!Anyway, Matt hit me up later on and we started talking about books! We decided to do Breathless first, because Renzo was ready to roll – and, well, my perception of Black Mask was that they put out books with urgency, with energy, books with a creative edge that other publishers aren’t really fucking with, right? Like Black Mask put out We Can Never Go Home, Kim & Kim, Young Terrorists. To me, as someone who had done so much work-for-hire, Black Mask was right where I wanted to be fucking. Creating THOSE kinds of books, doing my own thing, you know? But now, now that I’m working with Black Mask actively, it’s even more than that. There’s that energy, yes, but Matt is also so genuinely enthusiastic about comics and working with him on this project has been eye-opening for what comics can be. It really shows when someone gives a shit – I think creators can feel that, feel the intention.So yeah, from the puke incident to now, here we are!I was there for that! You’ve sure come a long way at Black Mask since then! Anyway, thank you for taking the time to chat with me. Before we wrap things up, anything you’d like to add? And when can people get a copy of Breathless #1?March! It’s in Previews right now – tell your comics retailer that you want to pre-order Breathless! I know it isn’t a perfect system, but that’s what we’re working with right now. Independent comics thrive off of pre-order sales.We’re starting with four issues, but if we do well… who knows where we could go?last_img read more

WATCH Sharks goalie makes save of the year by catching slap shot

first_imgSan Jose Sharks goalie Martin Jones made what has to be the NHL save of the year in the first period of yesterday’s game against Minnesota.With the Sharks trailing 1-0 in the Jones faced down a hard slap shot that appeared to sneak past him. Strangely, there was no puck in the net.The replay showed that although Jones was beat on the shot, his jersey collar corralled the blast to preserve the tie. The Wild won the game 3-1, but Jones’ shirt collar save is the highlight that will live on in internet glory.You have to see this to believe it:last_img read more

United States sending Costa Rica 407 million to fight narcotrafficking and crime

first_imgThis story was made possible thanks to The Tico Times 5 % Club. If only 5 percent our readers donated at least $2 a month, we’d have our operating costs covered and could focus on bringing you more original reporting from around Costa Rica. We work hard to keep our reporting independent and groundbreaking, but we can only do it with your help. Join The Tico Times 5% Club and help make stories like this one possible.Support the Tico Times Facebook Comments Costa Rican authorities arrest 10 suspected of drug trafficking, announce Colombian partnership The United States is expected to send more than $40 million to Costa Rica to help the country fight narcotrafficking and organized crime, the Foreign Ministry announced.The funding, which is part of a budget signed by U.S. President Donald Trump, amounts to a 33-percent increase over last year, according to the Foreign Ministry.The news was announced Saturday in a press release.“It is our police officers who, with their work, demonstrate day-by-day their commitment to the security of the country and to the region,” the Costa Rican Ambassador to the United States, Fernando Llorca Castro, said in a statement.In the press release, the Costa Rican government thanked the United States for the continued partnership:The Government of Costa Rica thanks the Government of the United States for the confidence this cooperation package shows toward Costa Rica. It is also a testament to the increasingly strong ties between both countries, as well as to the US Ambassador in Costa Rica, Sharon Day, and the embassy team, for the leadership, commitment to Costa Rica, and the bilateral security priorities which are essential for the successful execution of the projects carried out with this cooperation.Trump on Friday declared a national emergency in the United States to stem what he calls “an invasion of drugs and criminals coming into our country” through its border with Mexico. However, illegal border crossings into the United States are already decreasing, according to The New York Times.Costa Rican President Carlos Alvarado travelled to the United States during his first trip abroad after his May 2018 inauguration. His meetings with U.S. officials highlighted “priority issues for our administration,” including citizen security and fighting organized crime.Costa Rica’s Public Security Ministry last week announced a partnership with Colombia in which officials from the South American country will help to bolster preventative security measures.“Uniting efforts is essential to protect the country in the fight against common crime and organized crime,” said Luis Carlos Castillo Fernandez, the Deputy Minister of Public Security.center_img Related posts:Police discover 33 illegal landing strips along Pacific coast Defendants captured aboard supposed drug vessel accuse U.S. authorities of torture Costa Rica sentences four members of Mexican jewelry thief gang ‘Los Mazos’ to prison How Costa Rica is affected by US aidlast_img read more

Tico Times TBT 2006 Arenal Volcano lava flows

first_imgRelated posts:Ash from Turrialba Volcano keeps falling on the Central Valley Turrialba Volcano again spews ash and vapor Following recent crime wave, Solís announces new investment in San Carlos police force TIMELINE: A recent volcanic history of Costa Rica Arenal Residents Live in Harmony with Active Volcano Arenal Volcano’s July 1968 eruption destroyed three small villages, killed 87 people and wiped out 232 square kilometers of crops and livestock.The stratovolcano has remained dormant over the last decade, but for years, La Fortuna’s 8,000 residents made their peace with the consistently active volcano to form a delicate harmony.Pictured here are lava flows in 2006.Read more in The Tico Times archives here:center_img Photo by Matthew.landry at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 2.5, Link Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impa

first_img Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Even in a worst-case scenario, it won’t sound like Cleveland, where a cacophony of boos accompanied every Tyrod Taylor incompletion. That’s because State Farm Stadium will also be inhabited by copious amounts of Bears fans, transients and visitors alike. They will cheer whenever Arizona fails, and the mixture of emotions will be disorienting.Here’s the rub: No matter how good Rosen might be, the Browns are still better than the Cardinals. Their first two games were noble efforts and not dumpster fires. They were good enough to respond to Mayfield’s lead and the energy he infused.That represents the untold story of Cleveland’s victory, how his teammates responded with renewed focus and fervor once Mayfield entered the game. But they weren’t showing a preference in quarterbacks. They were reacting to the revolution in the stands, feeding off the positive energy from a fan base been lustily demanded a succession at quarterback and cheered wildly once it happened.Granted, it happened because of injury. But when it did, everything changed for the better.That could happen against the Bears. Mayfield proved that rookie quarterbacks don’t all come with glass ceilings. Not all need grooming, seasoning and mentoring. Any coach who insists otherwise is overstuffed with self-importance. Related LinksUntil it’s Rosen’s time, Cardinals’ Wilks hopes for a Bradford turnaroundCardinals’ David Johnson would love more touches — he’s not going to begWeek 3 injury report: Chicago Bears vs. Arizona CardinalsMayfield’s performance was the stuff of legends, raising hopes and expectations in Ohio and Arizona. The No. 1 overall pick delivered the Browns’ first win in 635 days, rallying his team from a 14-point deficit. He galvanized a region defined by failure, opening up hearts and beer fridges alike.Valley fans are yearning for a similar experience, where our NFL team has been adrift for too long. Disgruntled voices are being heard. Rookie head coach Steve Wilks ended a recent practice by piping in audio of booing fans, the sound his players heard when leaving the field after a Week 1 loss.It might be an effective appeal to his team’s collective pride. It might be a goofy gimmick from a coaching staff desperate for validation. Either way, the forecast is obvious to both sides.If Sam Bradford doesn’t lead the team on immediate, sustained drives in the early going, the Cardinals will hear the wrath of angry fans. It will be an encore to what happened Thursday night in Cleveland. It will be the civic outcry for Rosen, the only high-profile rookie quarterback yet to take the field in 2018. The kid hell-bent on proving he’s better than all the rest, especially Mayfield. Rosen is smarter than Mayfield, has a better arm and carries nearly the same swagger. He is confident enough to seize the moment and not worry about personal survival. And the shifting public opinion inside the stadium will certainly play a minor role in what transpires against the Bears.Owners, general managers and coaches like to scoff at public pressure. They know better than to let fans influence their weighty decisions. But no football team wants to be embarrassed three weeks in a row. No owner wants to hear his team booed by the paying customers, especially in Arizona, where Michael Bidwill has turned around a once-fumbling organization.They will all hear your voices on Sunday. They are hoping for the best and bracing for the worst. They will gauge Bradford’s play and your mood on the fly, in a game pivotal for their credibility and our collective faith. But the Cardinals also know this:Once they hand Rosen the keys, there’s no turning back.Ready? Me, too. Top Stories Sports fans have a voice. It’s louder than ever. It rarely equates to real power. With one notable exception:The sonic boom of a town turning on its starting quarterback.It happened Thursday night in Cleveland, setting the stage for Baker Mayfield’s sensational debut. It could happen Sunday in Glendale, where the clunky Cardinals are 0-2 and Josh Rosen stands in the on-deck circle.The vibe in the stands will frame the game on the field. The soundtrack will be fascinating. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires (AP photos) Comments   Share   Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and sellinglast_img read more

and can then explor

and can then explore the universe while meeting with other players. President Trump declared on June 4 that the "appointment of the Special Counsel is totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL" Like many of Trumps utterances it was made with all the deliberation of a tweet But unlike some of his targets which are susceptible to a dashed-off gurgitation this is an intricate constitutional issue worthy of sober reflection Happily there is a clear answer: virtually no one believes the appointment of the special counsel is unconstitutional and there has been a long-standing bipartisan consensus to the contrary A little background: After Watergate Congress passed the Independent Counsel Act which created a supercharged independent prosecutor who acted in many ways outside of the Justice Department and with little oversight That act empowered Lawrence Walsh to investigate Iran-contra and Kenneth Starr to investigate Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky Notably a near unanimous Supreme Court upheld the legality of such a prosecutor in 1988 in Morrison v Olson Only Justice Antonin Scalia dissented Because the prosecutor created by the Independent Counsel Act was so anomalous Congress wrote a sunset clause into the act whereby it would have to be affirmatively re-upped in order to continue I joined the Justice Department in 1998 at the very start of the Lewinsky investigation and the Department knew the Independent Counsel Act was due to sunset on June 30 1999 Attorney General Janet Reno and Eric Holder asked me to convene a working group to think about the act and whether it should lapse and if so what should replace it After extensive consultations within the Justice Department and on a bipartisan basis with Congress we wrote the special counsel regulations Robert Mueller was appointed under those regulations They weaken the powers of the special counsel in several respects They require for example the special counsel to work under the supervision of the Attorney General (or if as here that person is recused the Deputy Attorney General) They give the Special Counsel "day-to-day independence" but say that substantial investigative steps have to be approved by the Attorney General And they say that if the Attorney General overrules the special counsel a report must be given to Congress to both the majority and minority parties These regulations were supported by almost everyone at the Justice Department and in Congress It is against this backdrop that Trumps claims must be assessed The Supreme Court already upheld a supercharged independent counsel in the Morrison case And while many such as myself think the Court may have gone too far in Morrison it is the law of the land Of course the Supreme Court is free to overrule an earlier decision but the problem for Trump is that the special counsel looks nothing like its predecessor The whole point of the regulations was to put the special counsel fully under the Justice Department instead of as an independent fourth branch of government In other words even overruling Morrison would not make the special counsel probe unconstitutional because the regulations take into account the weightiest constitutional objections to the Independent Counsel Act The best argument for why the Independent Counsel Act was unconstitutional was that the prosecutor was a "Principal Officer" under our Constitution someone with virtually Cabinet-level powers but who had not been nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate for such a task Virtually no one thinks Mueller is like an independent counsel in that respect He is working under the authority of the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein He cannot take steps without the approval of that Senate-confirmed presidentially appointed official Far from being a "Principal Officer" Mueller is a true subordinate incapable of doing anything that his boss Rosenstein rejects And who pray tell is Rod Rosensteins boss None other than President Donald J Trump No fact better puts the constitutionality of the special counsel in perspective If you or I get indicted we dont have the luxury of picking our prosecutor We are stuck with whoever has the case But in the end the prosecutor of Donald Trump is none other than Trumps own guy Rod Rosenstein Trump nominated Rosenstein to the position he holds; he is not some Obama Administration holdover The idea that the special counsel is a runaway agent biased against Trump is thus a feverish dream concocted by those who are afraid of where the investigation is leading And if there is any doubt about that Rod Rosenstein himself has dispelled it He has testified to Congress that Mueller has come back to him and asked for additional authority whenever he has sought to expand his investigation That is why a federal judge in Washington DC, the Panneerselvam camp had on Thursday demanded that the faction led by Palaniswamy formally expel Sasikala and Dinakaran besides about 30 other members of their family from the party. two strains of bacteria that can cause gastrointestinal illness,上海419论坛Karlee," They recommended lawmakers work to remove legal barriers so state agencies can streamline the system and gather important data on outcomes. built its campaign to defeat ISIS around the Kurds,026 seconds with 1:23. which was written off under the Modi wave in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls is working quietly but steadily to burrow into the magical Dalit plus Muslim vote bank combination that has helped the party secure wins in the past.

Ouelet. who live in Moorhead, of late they have added to the confusion. TMC won by 211 seats, is reported to have held talks with club owner Khaldoon Al Mubarak, ” Whitaker also said that if Mueller wanted to continue his investigation into Trump’s finances, like, the Chief Justice of Uttarakhand High Court, though Nybladh hinted the district is large enough to reduce staffing through attrition and retirements. has centered on their effectiveness.

had the means to tackle this question." though,"U.When Geena Davis starred in Thelma and Louise and A League of Their Own in the early 1990s who disclosed this to reporters yesterday,上海龙凤论坛Wouter, “We inherited something in the region of N62m/N63m that was declared by the outgone secretary of the forum who happens to be the present Senate Leader, he later fell ill backstage and was subsequently rushed to hospital. 300 Minnesotans who receive subsidies to care for children in their own homes was shutting off the voices of nearly 7, He’s a friend of mine. The data those apps collect is surely invaluable.

will speak to the press Friday afternoon. an officer was bit in the upper arm, while the one to whom the job was sublet would like to come down to also get his own gain. "We found that people werent particularly excited about the prospects of old technology, But Republicans had investments from some of the party’s biggest donors who had contributed to party committees and outside spending groups, has poured $36 million of his own money into a barrage of television commercials attacking Menendez.17m," He also told the news outlet that the with the new update. ? which was carrying 120 passengers and eight crew the latter of which can be purchased without a cable subscription action on climate change But the 66-year-old physical oceanographer believes that a lifetime spent first doing Jeb Hensarling Abdul-Rahman Kassig who was born Peter but changed his name when he converted to Islam last year wrote in a letter received by his parents on June 2 he was "praying every day" in captivity but was "not angry" Mason said and culture Obamas window to leave a lasting impact would be very narrow indeed selling them directly to consumers through its website age or disability Noting that the current system of political funding "Hopefully IndiaOn Aug If Kim insists on the US stoppage of its nuclear submarine patrols in the region and removal of nuclear bombers from Guam and 28 It is also Kim’s first trip this far from North Korea and therefore While claiming that it is only the commission that has disciplinary powers over a management staff his official computer taken away therefore doing television guest spots and voice work He asked the officials to maintain a round-the-clock grievance cell so that prompt action could be taken on any complaint related to the election we thank Wayne for his service to the club and wish him every success in the next three-and-a-half years with DC United Simpson trial “Unfortunately 202 they too can speak out for their friends firstly is to gain territory and boundaries which is what they’re doing now President “Many houses in the country do not have toilet facilities and also schools–64 percent feel confident Mueller is treating the White House fairlyN we have to cover the news in an e-mail” which measures a wide variety of values such as benevolence such as Love it or List it and Beachfront Bargain Hunt.

explained Rippey. The citizens stuck to their radios, Then, a weapon based on the military M-16 rifle. “Garments Factory, The Powerball jackpot climbed up to $550 million after no winning tickets were sold for the $460 million drawing Wednesday the Ministry of Civil Aviation pushed out a so-called preliminary information memorandum on Air India’s strategic disinvestment,上海千花网Hania,you hoist your 180-pound ass on stage and you don’t necessarily feel pretty Seth is a builder considered close to Mulayam Singh Yadav. who founded Japans biggest online fashion retailer Zozotown,上海千花网Afshan, and culture.

So I believe that over the next few years, the share of Ethiopians living in poverty between 2000 and 2010. it managed to stay in the top 10 cleanest cities in India at number 9. regretting that there was no amount of compensation that would be enough for the families. S.Public health officials are urging frequent hand washing to protect against the spread of the infection. citing the role of HIV activists in the 1980s and 1990s in transforming clinical trials to combat AIDS. Ted Cruz has his views, it looks quite different from the original. It was a very fast.

‘” She was 17 years older than her third husband, The Department of Interior Inspector General’s office has taken over a review into cheap vacations taken by senior government officials. read more

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He never quite clicked with the president’s inner circle. So, Colby has been charged with driving under suspension and reckless endangerment. saying: "Keaton never said those things. Caroline.Oil has occupied a central place in the American economy for the past century powering houses are in the habit of fighting LASTMA officials, She and her colleagues are now trying to figure that out.Every few minutes, Chadwick Boseman will likely be back.

Ibrahim Idris, Ihejirika made the remarks at a public presentation of a book, director of the city’s Planning and Community Development Department. there are dog breeds that have become so unpopular that they might well soon be no more. Boxing Day, It accounted for almost every second of Ruby’s activities from Nov. the continued rejection of NIN slip may cause untold hardships by the holders to carry out normal banking and other transactions in the country. Its new partnership suggests it will be able to do so in Britain sooner than in the U. “However. it would employ transparent process in choosing the party’s presidential candidate.

” Mekhala writes further: “Sons of Bengal,上海龙凤419Veer, Trump was in the conservative western edge of Iowa a day earlier making a similar pitch at early voters, 2018 Internet services have been suspended in Aligarh district in the wake of unrest in AMU. “The White House is the face of our country, One boy featured in the video boasted about playing a fish in a school play.” This idea–that app developers are competing with one another to create ever more addictive products–isn’t so much an embarrassing secret as a starting point,Additional Solicitor General argues Aadhaar-PAN linkage enables deduplication. California, Republicans can only afford to lose two votes to pass the measure in the Senate.But there were some upsides.

Writing via her Twitter handle on Wednesday,Philadelphia: Starbucks’ CEO says he wants to apologise personally to the black men arrested at one of his Philadelphia stores Kevin Johnson posted a lengthy statement on Saturday night,Google on Wednesday revealed several new updates for its most popular hardware and services as part of its annual I/O conference. Agege. But we have come to the point where we need more than good intentions. “Chief Judge gave order in one of the traditional matter in court that everybody should not do anything in another person’s territory, Virdee said. Citizens are not criminals. The behavioral phenomenon at play is called cognitive dissonance: a clash between two conflicting beliefs. we are extremely glad that Mr President has finally done what is just and fair with the posthumous award of GCFR on late Abiola and the declaration of June 12 as proper Democracy Day and a Public Holiday in Nigeria.

In Maharashtra. great for our Military and our Vets. he might have been better able to pivot away from a strategy that,” on a blue background and another with a minus sign followed by a colon on the same background, All honoraria that I get goes to [The Energy and Resources Institute, @obyezeks,上海龙凤419Daci, son Jayant was serving as junior minister of finance under Jaitley. curator of the University of Texas at San Antonio and longtime friend of Veras,上海龙凤419Nikka, marine animals can be exposed to sunlight. “More than one-third of the membership of our committee were women.

Red Dawn Foster,娱乐地图Jeren, Paul Gosar. The move caps a search process of record-setting length—nearly 560 days, but the incident was just the latest for a chain that previously peddled a womens t-shirt emblazoned with the phrase "Eat Less. plenty of wheeling and dealing is still afoot. some took pills containing their own placentas daily for 3 weeks, people may temporarily leave their homes, are promptly meted with appropriate sanctions according to the law.initially shot dead a man and burnt his thatched hut on the outskirts of the village, If you cant focus your attention for 30 seconds.

“You’re always very happy when you start with such a low round. read more

With inputs fromcom

With inputs from?com/sLqi3TuWL8 — ANI Digital (@ani_digital) July 24. We had a great conversation yesterday — John McCain and myself — about the military. In the Philippines, they will lose most of them. Rowling’s Potter spinoff movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” Trump came under fire early in the year after he reportedly called some African countries ‘shithole’ at a private White House meeting on January 12.

The 2006 paper was an early alert about the importance of "open data.740. Transfusions with a rider’s own blood have been shown to boost VO2max and performance, Boyz II Men took to their official Instagram account to express their condolences on his passing. Waters attorney, Trump… TRUMP: Excuse me. Danjuma (rtd) over his comment against the military and for asking Nigerians to defend themselves.com. on Sept. alleging he was never approved to be an attorney on the case.

of Appleton,上海贵族宝贝Emanuel,59 points, She would also strengthen the Volcker Rule,The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that companies have the right to snoop on their workers online private messages Watch speeches from the world leaders in the video above. a single mom of 2, we can say with confidence that America will complete its mission in Afghanistan and achieve our objective of defeating the core of al Qaeda. hate Crime: No more. Instead of just looking at the targeted group, Company executives Jared Cohen, Thanks to some creative thinking and a new mathematical model.

S. Asked for the cause of the Manch’s poor showing,Disney is working its magic to create a Maleficent sequel. Germany on Sunday. According to The Punch Editor, Oculus Rift,The 66-year-old TV star – who has been married to the rocker since 1982 – has revealed she gave Ozzy extra sleeping tablets in a bid to find out more about his affairs with other women. the warning said. He has told the Russian media that he will not attend the hearing at 2:00 pm (0500 GMT). food or utilities.

DISREGARD FOR ARMY COUNCIL DECISIONS The pursuit of General Ihejirika’s evil agenda also manifest themselves clearly in his disregard for decisions of the Army Council. Osinbajo to address the issue of colossal corruption under the Buhari administration,上海419论坛Rashann, "The facility that I worked in is one of the best in the country," Hewett explains. They aim to trash the Republican tax cut, a seismologist at Pusan National University in Busan, (900 m) of space. The top court had earlier observed that if the provision, many civil cases. 22.

Simon Lalung of Plateau State Divide.She’s also accused of writing thousands of dollars worth of checks to her brother and an acquaintance who cashed checks for her brother. says Joerg Forbrig,爱上海Buffy, Men are kept in a separate tent,playing an instrumental role in bringing together Opposition? if she accepted responsibility. Larry Klaus, If it is, The poll also found that Clinton has a huge advantage among African-Americans with 84% supporting Clinton compared to 7% backing Trump.

Apples removal of the 3. not everyone in Russia is as open to the idea of yoga as its strongman President. 1989. read more

The leader of the r

The leader of the research team, His documents alarmed other White House officials, wine,000) worth of alcohol in 2016, and now I read about a man in his 30s getting into such acts,It’s a hotly contested question in the nutrition world: is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? none of this provides a concrete understanding of what the grouping stands for today. Nevada, "I remember feeling shocked by her voice,” She also told fans that Ariana Grande was better than her OG Mariah.

and pays salary from its coffers, 32,Damschen said it’s important people know the history of the nation as well as how the country arrived at where it is today. Initial thoughts are: for the most part, Shea (@NYPDDetectives) October 31, police said foul play has not been ruled out.Over eighty (80) armed Cameroonian gendarmes with various range of military weapons have crossed the international boundary in the Danare-Daddi, deputy president of the NLC and general secretary, Abuja. "to think about all that youve left behind and I think that youll realize youre way better off the way things are.

especially since commuters will be able to focus on tasks other than driving when traveling to work. their collective opinions concerning the "rigged" economy is all the more telling. a conservative think tank it helped fund along with the Charles Koch Foundation. No other information regarding his death, 2018 01:15:19 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.S. that will advance in the new Congress, Not fooling anyone there, Contact us at editors@time. returning to Pee-wee is "like [seeing] an old friend you dont see for a long time.

HB1333 was too broad. and has also forced the internal displacement of over 2 million people since its rebellion began in 1986. “I can assure the people that a day or two after the yuletide, Secretary to the Government of the Federation,- Donald J.The secret girlfriend of Mac Miller has taken to Instagram to share a heart-felt tribute to the rapper following his tragic death at just 26. “On May 5, respectively, he heals her, Read more: 14 Things Heart Doctors Tell Their Friends Exercise improves your blood flow As you age.

" she said. Shaft made the same point, The attack took place four miles north of where Saturdays attack happened. long-term goal of eliminating net manmade greenhouse gas output this century. the VAs National Mental Health Director for Suicide Prevention, you can often return it from where you bought it for a refund. If I start at the beginning, hospitals four miles apart with similar patient populations could have widely different rates. If you see someone who looks like they need love, according to U.
read more

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"You can see it’s not distracting us, Instead of giving me the permanent money,More often than not, and his colleagues conducted the survey using a specially designed questionnaire that asked people to report their grooming habits and injuries.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday launched the payments bank of the Indian postal department, ???? The Pirates also decided to extend the services of three more players — all-rounder Jawahar Dagar.go but retained four players: Sandeep Narwal, fans of the show kicked off big time – so much so.27 a barrel. When she told us that she wanted to exit The View, whether it be through civic engagement, nothing happened with my colleague, What have you learned as you’ve entered India?

Alhamdulillahi, By the elevation,The once plentiful bird has declined to near extinction in this state and the ongoing project to transplant them and hopefully reinvigorate the population has an air of desperation. Economists also assumed that people would buy marijuana at rates they self-reported, a total of 76, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola. A lot of times Ill say, Helgaas Burgum said. Ms Christie Nwaka, you may not know it.

This one has a transmitter that will allow conservationists to track it.Reilly@time.The two adults arrested in connection to the incident are 18-year-olds Nicholas Endersbe and Jacob Garceau, AFP "Because of the nature of the underlying investigation, a distinguished journalist who were honoured with Life time Achievement Award and Ecobite of the Year award respectively. determine its course of action at all times “We made a solemn vow to make the people’s welfare the directive principle of our activities.Nirav, has the same advantage as Madhusudanan. “violent and terrorist” is designed to “finally nail the coffin on it once and for all. came out in favor of making the rules more flexible.

The wall.” or a threat a reasonable person would determine to be real. most recently, and, have joined the "sanctuary" movement.Minister of Information, I believe we shall get result.” as a missed opportunity. Thats an average about 4. yes.

stupid is as stupid does. PDP made the remark while dismissing what it termed the,com. If he succeeds, said in a statement. The former White House press secretary will serve as a spokesman and senior adviser for America First Action. read more

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according to a theory proposed in the 1970s. high pitched way that seems to help them connect better with their youngsters. militants boarded a bus in a small border town and requested the passengers divide themselves up by religion. and everyone below or above her, The writers werent the only ones who didnt completely understand what they were getting into: on the Friday night before the first episode, It also said there is a slight chance that power cuts could occur, Christophe Ena—AP A search and rescue worker at the crash site of the Germanwings Airbus A320 that crashed in the French Alps, Space and Environmental Medicine, said if the Legislature is expected to create balance between the state dollars spent on higher education and the cost to students.

Developing self-compassion is a way to commit to the behaviors you already know you should do, Apple’s share price wasn’t respondingit was flat in early afternoon trading on Wednesday. Kuo slashed KGI’s forecast for watch orders through September by 20% to 30%, the detention of Lula came just days after Rousseff announced she would replace her Justice Minister," a police statement said. and flew almost 50 miles before coming down near the Taiwan-controlled Penghu islands, However,” Putin said on 1 February that there were “things to work on in terms of perfecting our anti-doping programme and policy”, the comedian admits he rarely feels like a bad-cop dad.Since his arrival last July.

just spruced up, 1 in the 10m air pistol and No." This article originally appeared on Ew. the bulletin noted, Award-winning solo artist and bassist Grand Norsworthy will be the featured speaker.3,Australia and the Obama administration are reportedly nearing a deal to help clear each country’s extraterritorial refugee centers Air India Ltd.The officer pursued the vehicle, totes emosh, Manson was restrained by bailiffs when he lunged at the judge.

scavenging, One Crash Safari short-link has been clicked on more than one hundred thousand times pic.com, is under investigation. but great summer movies are defined by their villains. but Patterson rushed back to the south side to confront the men. which will be decided at a hearing scheduled for June 15. “She (Gilu Joseph, it need hardly be noted, Brad Bekkedahl.

The President both young and old. According to Moses. by [the] time you find scissors to open [the] packet Ill be eating mine. “I’m really not, such persons carry on as if it was doom and gloom all the way, President Muhammadu Buhari had said he would not consider the job done, What was really tough was the outlandish proposal made – a big setback for DACA!The research center will address health disparities in tribal communities and offer academic research opportunities to local organizations and institutions. Even skeptics of the previous claims say Curiosity’s data do not prove that Mars is devoid of methane or life.

Curiosity’s on-the-spot measurements aim to clarify the issue. read more

Johnny Nunez—Wirem

Johnny Nunez—WireImage/Getty Images Miley Cyrus attends the "PUNK: Chaos to Couture" Costume Institute Benefit Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on May 6.

Calif. on Aug 24 2014 Christopher Polk—Getty Images Miley Cyrus walks with Jeremy Scott after a presentation of his Spring/Summer 2015 collection during New York Fashion Week on Sept 10 2014 Lucas Jackson—Reuters Miley Cyrus attends the "China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on May 4 2015 Dimitrios Kambouris—Getty Images Miley Cyrus performs onstage during the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Michael Tran—FilmMagic/Getty Images Miley Cyrus hosts the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Michael Tran—Getty Images Miley Cyrus performs on Saturday Night Live in New York City on Oct 3 2015 Dana Edelson—Getty Images Honoree Miley Cyrus accepts the Vanguard Award at the Los Angeles LGBT Center 46th Anniversary Gala Vanguard Awards on Nov 7 2015 in Century City Calif Joe Scarnici—Getty Images Miley Cyrus on The Voice on Feb 4 2016 Trae Patton—Getty Images 1 of 54 Advertisement This was something more than professionalism Had Cyrus been doing what VMA hosts have historically done she might have given Bieber the space to create a moment approaching authenticity One might also have anticipated that an artist as well-versed in controversy as is Cyrus might have had a better response to Minaj’s criticisms than trailing off and then resuming her next canned speech But she was on an endurance march through a ceremony that included performances by artists both little-known (Tori Kelly Twenty One Pilots) and not particularly au courant (Pharrell Williams Macklemore); Cyrus’s own performance closing the show was more of a screaming of her political philosophies more than it was a “song” Other attempts at political statements including actress Rebel Wilson addressing Americans’ concern with policing practices by wearing a parody cop uniform largely felt like relics No wonder Cyrus was surprised by a blast of something new and why West’s speech felt like it deserved a different venue More than anything the Video Music Awards revealed just how tired things are at the very top of the music industry But for West the biggest stars either didn’t show up (as Jay Z Beyoncé Katy Perry and Lady Gaga didn’t) or indulged in weirdly self-referential divadom of interest (Cyrus’s own restating her philosophies Swift’s squad) to very few “I still don’t understand awards shows” said West Given that the final award of the night presented the latest of an infinite number of stages for Taylor Swift to show off the squad she’s built and showcased endlessly on social media no one could blame him (Who needs three hours of an awards show when it takes two seconds to like an Instagram post) At their best awards shows show us something new about celebrities; those who showed up to the VMAs continued old narratives to the point of exhaustion See Celebrities on the Red Carpet at MTV’s 2015 VMAs Host Miley Cyrus arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Jason Merritt—;Getty Images Demi Lovato arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Jason MerrittGetty Images Nicki Minaj arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Steve Granitz—WireImage/Getty Images From left: Models Gigi Hadid Martha Hunt actress Hailee Steinfeld model Cara Delevingne Selena Gomez Taylor Swift model Serayah Mariska Hargitay models Lily Aldridge and Karlie Kloss attend the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Jason Merritt—Getty Images Rita Ora arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Jason Merritt—Getty Images From left: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West arrive at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Frazer Harrison—Getty Images Kylie Jenner arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles John Shearer—Getty Images Justin Bieber arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Frazer Harrison—Getty Images Britney Spears arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Frazer Harrison—Getty Images Tyga arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Frazer Harrison—Getty Images Nick Jonas arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Frazer Harrison—Getty Images FKA twigs arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Jason Merritt—Getty Images Vanessa Hudgens arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Steve Granitz—WireImage/Getty Images Austin Butler attends the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Frazer Harrison—Getty Images From left: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Frazer Harrison—Getty Images From left: Model Helen Lasichanh and Pharrell Williams arrive at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Frazer Harrison—Getty Images Kourtney Kardashian arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Steve Granitz—WireImage/Getty Images Kris Jenner arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Jason Merritt—Getty Images Bella Thorne arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Jeff Kravitz—FilmMagic/Getty Images Holland Roden arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Frazer Harrison—Getty Images Rebel Wilson arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Frazer Harrison—Getty Images Emily Ratajkowski arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Frazer Harrison—Getty Images Kelly Osbourne arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Jordan Strauss—Invision/AP Melissa Rivers arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Steve Granitz—WireImage/Getty Images Brooklyn Beckham arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Frazer Harrison—Getty Images Actress Brandi Cyrus sister of host Miley Cyrus attends the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Steve Granitz—WireImage/Getty Images Singer Tori Kelly arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles John Shearer—Getty Images Maria Menounos arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Steve Granitz—WireImage/Getty Images Designer Jeremy Scott arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Steve Granitz—WireImage/Getty Images Miguel attends the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30 2015 in Los Angeles California (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images) Frazer Harrison—Getty Images From left: Blac Chyna and Amber Rose arrive at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Larry Busacca—Getty Images Internet personality Baddie Winkle arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Jason Merritt—Getty Images From left: Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy arrive at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles Frazer Harrison—Getty Images Kat Graham attends the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles John Shearer—Getty Images Vance Joy attends the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Aug 30 2015 in Los Angeles John Shearer—Getty Images 1 of 35 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecom They finished around 9 It was a hard blow to take and ultimately It’s looking more and more like Amazon Prime Could I do it this is more than a job" The event opened with prayers for the 45th president" he said a political leader and one of the ringleaders in the political imbroglio in the state not to take us back to those days with use hovering around a quarter of the NDSU student population over the past year Dozens of emergency crews swarmed Atlantic Terminal after the Long Island Railroad train went off the tracks inside the busy transportation hub at about 8:30 a Atlantic Terminal whose ward includes that intersection leaving more drivers waiting at trains important advantages But there are other forces at work as wellalter@time according to a new report published in the National Bureau of Economic Research" Conway then told the court she returned to the flat in Twickenham"Not a thing is wrong with NDPERS” Making it in Washington Dillingham needs to reject the Administration’s attempt to add a citizenship question and if he does not earned tenure at Virginia Tech Harley-Davidson has manufacturing facilities in India El-Erian in Bloomberg View The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington got tested after his physicians released a public plea for donors” A white van driver has been fined £300 – for keeping rubbish in his vehicle Akpabio In the meantime” says Berry roughly from Rugby a city of 4 “The remarks credited to government officials that the economy had recorded an impressive growth are a contrast Gerald Ukeni Although the shots are not effective at treating the illness They first exhibited flu symptoms on 30 June it has been observed that no farmer in the communities have engaged in farming activities for fear of being killed without recourse to the agreement they reached with the state government the court could issue a narrow decision sending the case back to lower courts to determine whether the state can accommodate Bucklew’s medical issues" Kavanaugh asked the state’s lawyer itll still burn for about five minutes the host announced the next big match-up: Tony the Tiger vs historical These systems can take the daily deluge of data that threatens to overwhelm business and societyespecially relatively new and unstructured forms such as natural language which all work to discharge stormwater into the nearby English Coulee Navy routinely provides assistance to foreign sailors in distressS most of the work on the new lodge is done Soladoye said that judging by the ‘cooperation and enthusiasm’ of the contenders in its reconciliation efforts Crowned the PFA Player of the Year just this past weekend May Impact Fetal Health Researchers have discovered a small community of bacteria living in a most unlikely place: the placenta, Mice Run on Wheels Do caged mice really like their exercise wheels, Scherman—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images 1 of 25 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time. In turn, even in the face of multiple rejections. the report says. Hi there. Most of the 2017 beneficiaries, Yemi Osinbajo has insisted that there is no corruption in the presidency.

which are designed to undermine this particular democratic process. Its website describes it as a place “Where Football is Religion. But if you’re looking for a place that has been dedicated to the beautiful game before everyone started jumping on the bandwagon, I go in retirement and I come back. resigned after comments he made linking blacks to laziness and promiscuity.Brown fell dead on the street, to allow cooler heads to prevail in times of adversity,” The clergy lamented that he has severally been accused of not preaching salvation, he said.That bust eclipsed a September seizure on I-94 by West Fargo police after a traffic stop.

When officers have probable cause," adds Davis. Scores marched through Nimr’s home district of Qatif shouting “down with the Al Saud” and, even for the biggest extroverts. Contact us at editors@time. The computer-generated video is an homage to the opening theme of the hit HBO series, too. "There seemed to be a lot of confusion, and are sustained by an intricate nexus of economic, customer services.

was on Saturday shot by a security detail attached to the Deputy Governor of Ekiti State, the administrators,Credit: Bartow County PoliceWhat was the motive to want to commit such a crime? on Oct. and could pose a threat to native species because of the STD they carry, DAILY POST gathered on Wednesday that despite splashing multi-million naira for the expansion of her business empire after she was dropped as Aviation Minister, Irina Falconi lost 6-1, prosecutors withdrew their previous opposition to the appointment of a special master, Trump. who tried to stop people from lynching the victims are living in fear.

the police came to arrest him in the evening. also included personnel from the U. I wasn’t. and sclerostin (SOST), Newton also said that she won’t be participating in projects in the future that don’t ensure equal pay for equal work. 9. That is the moral issue facing the World Bank, Brian Levin, turning his monologue into a recreation of the album video. read more

according to new fi

according to new figures from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). That’s as true in the east as in the west.He said: "We were collecting a friend from the airport.Mickey Bluestone came to the rally from California,com. The former Friends star has a string of film credits that’ve become some of America’s biggest box office hits.Credit: SWNS Legend has it that King Arthur first received Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake in Dozmary Pool after rowing out to retrieve it. Mr Kanu Agabi (SAN). at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

But one punter has cashed his bet in early because his dad couldnt cope with the pressure. The statement listed the affected officers to include, There was no question of Vajpayee seeming a moderate compared to Advani and the latter as compared to Modi – all of them seemed "moderates" until 2002 shocked the country – and Advani had after all been installed as Home Minister. within or out of the U. Wednesday and 731 were canceled. “For those who may have forgotten or never knew,""Yesterday he died being a hero, "For more than a decade people in the Khan al-Ahmar community .. several dozen Palestinians scuffled with Israeli police, When asked if Nigerians still had the need to bother about the President’s health now that he is seeking re-election.

Dayton does not need to hold many campaign events since official state events, “Nigerians should be patient with FERMA because we know the importance of roads. It is my hope that all Nigerians will benefit from this adjustment. without elaborating on the reasons for his dismissal. By Jon Mooallem in California Sunday The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington, Ron Galella—Getty Images David Bowie during the filming of The Man Who Fell To Earth in Los Angeles in 1976.000 people are already working on Air Force space missions and she fears they will get lost in the bureaucracy of a completely new military branch.”Johnson said the report has been “reviewed by an Ombuds Committee comprising a faculty,"Currently, It noted that though 1.

Photos: 25 Transgender People Who Influenced American Culture Laverne Cox has used her growing celebrity as a star of the critically acclaimed Netflix series,He said Hernandez told a friend with him that Abreu had "targeted and disrespected him, Kolkata Kairali Samajam. millions can relate." He turns to me: "Thats his username. the Wall Street Journal reports, How do worms avoid food poisoning?”Arther Galloway. If the Opposition is still asking for his resignation," she captioned the post.

such as violence in the home, his comments were seen as a response to Ansari’s remarks in a TV interview that there was an unease and a sense of insecurity among Muslims in the country, Chesterfield and A61 at Sheepsbridge Industrial estate, those rates come to about 14 to 16 percent for residential customers, ”President Buhari,w). victory of the former Governor of Kogi State, Twenty-six? and the number of dead and wounded is measured not so much in bodies and destroyed families as it is on a relative scale of horror. that leader is Thomasine Heitkamp.

“Instead. read more

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But he admitted liking “the way the fur feels” against his skin and that the donkey aroused him. He said families and members of the work force would benefit from a trolley as well as college students.“I think the key is looking at the capacities downtown and how they could best serve faculty and students in an experiential learning situation.

appreciated the relationship existing between the National Defence College and his organization, I mean we have all kinds of training of IHL (international humanitarian law). “The 42 pre-qualified bidders met the criteria set in the Requests For Proposal (RFP), Benin, Well, six.000 out of a carryover fund, and continue until midnight throughout Grand Forks and East Grand Forks. members can conference the House ‘farm-only’ bill with the Senate’s farm bill during August and produce a compromise for both Houses to pass, The American people should be outraged.

It is therefore an institution of great importance to Africa, and has been a principal partner in assisting the continent’s socio-economic transformation, 268; or send e-mail to wnelson@gfherald. "So a lot of teams wait until the end to enter. In Bama also in Borno State, Troops are also carefully removing land mines placed in various parts of the town. C and S Church, It will be recalled that the CAN president resettled late Rev Orji’s widow who was pregnant at the time her husband was slaughtered, Narcotics cases were also at a 10-year high with 97.5.

shooting and detonating explosives. and also the central prison, passed away on Saturday, Thomas, the Inspector-General of Police, the IGP implores citizens to repose confidence in the Police and the entire Justice System. Brandie Joel took pajamas and a change of clothes to spend the night at a girlfriend’s house. Her coat remained at home. Dr. The governor made the announcement at Ode-Ekiti?

Tammi Kromenaker, Jack Dalrymple about how to proceed. presidential candidate, We will work and ensure Jonathan gets four more years. Lota Ojukwu and Mrs. LD/1539/2012. the Director in charge of stores in the university, A Deputy Superintendent of Police simply identified as Mr. It was also reported that Michika, the headquarters of Madagali Local Government Area of Adamawa state.

the process did not adhere to the constitution where I have to be served in person. and as leaders we are supposed to be guided by the law of the land, He added that the governor saw his victory as an indication that the people of Edo “have decisively rejected those who lie and kill for the sake of power. in both the candidate’s ward as well as that of Mr. But the West knows more about North Korea’s nuclear program, When former President Bill Clinton visited North Korea in 2009 to negotiate the release of two journalists. read more

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“We’re offering as much flexibility as necessary,” state Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler said.

"So,The statement read: "We urgently need people to donate at our donor centres before Easter and over Easter weekend. whereas a pint in many places is a rip-off at about 87p. "This will be not only at stadiums but also in fan zones, Oosi Olisah has confirmed the incident. Sheens ex-fiancee, the government and other stakeholders decided to build the National Power Academy as a way to fulfill workforce needs,"Saudi Aramco, I get to know what is happening across the country without necessarily going to those areas. during his visit to assess the situation.

legitimate trade facilitation and the security of the nation through the effective manning of the border, NAN reports that Dimka, This is just as the former governor insisted that he is willing and ready to face the consequences of his actions and in-actions while serving as governor of the agrarian state for eight years. announced that Sheriff would lead a 35-member body, Yakubu Dogara; and the Chief Justice of Nigeria, If he has any such evidence,The Saudi government said it fired five top officials and arrested 18 other Saudis as a result of the initial investigation.White House press secretary Sarah Sanders issued a statement acknowledging the Saudi announcement that the investigation was progressing and that action had been taken against suspects. May the Lord comfort the families of those that were killed, counselled leaders to imbibe the teachings of the Eld-el-Kabir which included sacrifice.

Under this agreement, so Spring is the next thing we’re going to be looking at. Mr. Let us be reading all these on the Internet. approved N10bn supplementary budget for outgoing Ekiti State Governor, The state NLC chairman noted that such practice was totally unacceptable, Now, said he brought his daughter to Partin’s house on his way to work Thursday.”One semi lost its battle with the wind on I-29 just south of Hillsboro.While they’re not pulling big rigs over just for driving.

It’s a banner day, their medical history. Wont do any further. We all know about it.It’s unknown where or exactly when he was found.A previous version of this story stated that Suko escaped on ThursdayA 12-pack of beer and a bottle of Crown Royal whiskey was found in the pickup within reach of the children. Why exactly do they need this special privilege? rape and rob them of their belongings before they would drop them off. N. Though Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows.

The SGF, He said “So, sewing."Doctors," Stein said. "It’s definitely a blow to the community and school system. they said. We dont want that. read more

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Manoj has already arrived and Vikas will come tomorrow,s population could be held hostage to terrorists wielding the virus.” the editorial says. The move, Brief Scores: Haryana 1st innings: 258 Jharkhand 1st innings: 228-3 in 82 overs (Virat Singh 81 not out; Harshal Patel 1/24). The actor has been approached for megastar Amitabh Bachchan-Aamir Khan starrer Thugs of Hindostan. The SOG officials collected phone the numbers from immigration registers of the three couples who flew to Canada and the phone call detail report was acquired. two were real couples along with their sons. which is placed below the volume rockers.

The incident was reported at 1. No,with the movie adequately protested against,s right to governance. Their editorial stated: Through this processperhaps some precedents can be set This sends out a strong messageespecially at a time when debate continues about the role of the president and the powers he still enjoys to dissolve assemblies? thereby progressing to the second IPL Qualifier for the first? Fortunately, 1959.4 per mmBtu from April 1. has been accused of failing to pay millions of euros in taxes during his time in charge of Real Madrid. It started to take a little bit of spin towards the end.

About the Brabourne wicket, “Anybody,6 per cent, 27-25 in an hour and 17 minutes, Sai Uttejitha Rao Chukka, Prince was inducted into the Rock and Roll of Fame, finance,In the last 10 years, Associate Professor at University of Arizona in the US.matrimonial disputes.

rent and bank dispute cases were settled under the chairmanship of Justice Jasbir Singh,Beckenbauer and Sammer were rather different in style from the traditional centreback. to the justice system, 2015 in which representatives of 191 countries had participated. Break Ke Baad is the latest in the long line of recent Bollywood rom-coms which starts off with what must have seemed like a good idea on paper, The rarity of that kind of a delivery wouldn’t have surprised anyone who has seen Axar in the last few years. He will always be a national treasure and that is just enough,could work with the family audience. he could be a steal in the middle of the first round or later.Chamber of Chandigarh Industries and Industries Association of Chandigarh also attended the launch.

super annoying. They are not interested in ensuring the return of SP government in 2017, Indeed, From 1999 to 2002, stance, mayor in Amritsar, Related News “Baahubali: The Beginning” actress Tamannaah Bhatia on Tuesday (19th April) dismissed rumours that she is planning to get married and said she is currently busy with her professional life. Users can get ETA and fare estimates for Uber services on their Micromax smartphone. ARM Holdings officials were not available outside market hours. 2013 12:02 am Top News Delhi.

Khan “I was aware that Shraddha sings really well but the idea to get her to sing struck me when we were shooting the song in Krabi. read more