Oil and gas industry has ‘huge opportunity’ to drive low-carbon energy transition

first_imgThe world will need oil and gas for years to comeDespite the focus on transitioning away from fossil fuels and their carbon impact, the IEA director dismissed calls from environmentalists to ban all new oil and gas projects.He said: “It’s wrong to say ‘no’ to new oil and gas production. The world will need oil and gas for several years to come.“But if the industry sincerely wants to be a solution to the problem, it should focus on lowering emissions like methane from its production.“Cutting methane emissions is a very easy win – a big chunk of them can be removed at very little cost.“Around 15% of all energy-related emissions come from oil and gas production operations. We need companies not to be greedy here.”He cautioned, however, that while the world will need oil and gas products for several years to come, “there will not be any company not affected by the clean energy transition”. Speaking at IP Week in London, IEA director Dr Fatih Birol told oil and gas firms to forget their “egos” and use their expertise to accelerate the push for low-carbon energy IEA executive director Dr Fatih Birol speaking at IP Week in London The oil and gas industry has a “huge opportunity” in the next 10 years to drive the low-carbon energy transition and earn a social licence to operate – provided it explores all clean technology options with full commitment and “sincerity”.That is according to International Energy Agency (IEA) executive director Dr Fatih Birol, who warned industry delegates at London’s IP Week conference today (25 February) that the coming decade will be “critical” to reducing carbon emissions and ensuring “a door to a better future is not closed forever”.He said the oil and gas industry is well-positioned to advance these decarbonisation efforts given its engineering prowess, deep pockets, wealth of skills and know-how – and should concentrate on exploring all means of developing clean energy technology, particularly carbon capture and storage (CCS) and hydrogen.Dr Birol added: “It is impossible to reach the desired levels of emissions reduction with only one single solution.“If we take it seriously, we need all clean energy technologies to be implemented. It’s simple arithmetic.“The issue is not to boost our own egos but to lower emissions.”center_img Carbon capture technology will be instrumental to low-carbon energy transitionThe IEA boss stressed that by integrating CCS technology into their portfolios, oil and gas companies have a “huge opportunity” to develop a social licence to operate in a world increasingly committed to decarbonisation.In doing so, the industry would follow past transitional trends, from coal in the last century, to oil and then gas, followed by the growth of nuclear and then renewables.Energy companies account for a significant portion of global carbon emissions, and while recent figures have shown that levels flat-lined in 2019, Dr Birol urged the industry to make sure that future trends follow a path of decline.He said the 2019 figures were the result of a combination of more renewables, the switch from coal to gas and a record-high level of nuclear power generation – evidence of the need to deploy a range of strategies in a push to address climate change.“It is good that emissions didn’t increase, but now it’s the job of the IEA to lead the global clean energy transition and see a big decline in emissions over the next 10 years,” added Dr Birol.last_img read more

Early Recordings Of The Benevento Russo Duo Surface After 13+ Years

first_imgWith the announcement of the Benevento Russo Duo performing their first show at the Brooklyn Bowl for the upcoming Freaks Ball, fans begin to plot their upcoming adventures by going back to the good times of the early 2000’s jam scene. The combination of drummer Joe Russo and keyboardist Marco Benevento is certainly one that is craveable, having only played a secret show in 2016 and an official set on Jam Cruise in January 2017 after a 6 year hiatus.Taper neddy o has shared some old sets from the Duo in celebration of their return. The following is from The Tap Bar in 2002 with a sit-in from Justin Wallace, playing to less than a dozen people.The second surfaced set is from January 2004, when the band had a residency going at Tribeca Rock Club. Wayne Krantz sits in for this entire set, and Phish bassist Mike Gordon even hops on organ for the first song. Listen below:[Photo via Benevento Russo Duo’s Facebook]last_img read more

A case for yawn-free civics

first_imgIt’s a common refrain that immigrants taking the U.S. citizenship test know more about the workings of the federal government than the average holder of a U.S. birth certificate.A group of experts dedicated to grappling with the themes outlined in the Constitution gathered Monday at Harvard Law School (HLS) to explore that disturbing trend and the importance of civics.Two retired U.S. Supreme Court justices, a constitutional scholar, a former U.S. solicitor general, and the dean of HLS took part in the noontime session, part of a daylong symposium titled “Civics Education: Why It Matters to Democracy, Society, and You.” The HLS Dean’s Office, the Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools, and the Harvard Graduate School of Education sponsored the event.Dean Martha Minow opened the conversation by asking the participants about their personal connections to the topic, and its relevance today.Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court, responded frankly, telling the crowd that her grade-school introduction to civics was “boring. I really got tired of it.”Looking back on the experience, O’Connor said, she realized that civics was a vital topic that could and should be taught much more effectively. “It’s all about how things happen at the local level, and later at the state level, and later at the national level, and it does help teach young people how our government works and how each of us are part of it.”Since stepping down from the bench in 2006, O’Connor has devoted much of her time to advocating for early civics education. In 2009 she founded the nonprofit iCivics, an online learning platform that includes free teaching materials devoted to the topic.Justice David Souter, who delivered Harvard’s commencement address in 2010, described a constitutional system balanced “between two very fundamental tendencies in American society and American political organization: the tendency to fly apart into individual interest and historical and individual groups, and the tendency to pull together.”Binding the nation together, said Souter, is at the heart of the value system outlined in the Constitution, “a value system about how to use power and distribute it and limit it, and a value system that reflects a shared conception of human worth. That value system is the counterpoise to the divisive tendencies that are so strong. Civic ignorance is the defeat of that value system.”He added: “What in effect is driving me right now is simply the essential nature of a substantially ignored value system. Without it there is no chance of overcoming, of surviving, the polarization that everyone decries. Because it is only in the common acceptance of that value system that we are going to know that at the end of the day no matter what we are fighting about, no matter what the vote is in Congress, or the state house, or the town meeting, there is something that holds us together.”Kenneth Starr, former solicitor general, said his concern for civic engagement really took hold when he argued for the constitutionality of the Flag Protection Act of 1989. Though he lost the case in 1990, Starr said that press reports and public opinion polls during the hearing underscored what he called an “inadequate appreciation on the part of the American people … of what I would just call the culture of liberty.”Later, volunteering in city schools, Starr, now the president of Baylor University, was disturbed by the “erosion of the values of liberty as taught in schools” and a lack of appreciation “of the fact that kids have rights, and the baseline, even for them, is liberty as well.”More than 30 years ago, a local pub and a thirsty student helped Laurence Tribe, Harvard’s Carl M. Loeb University Professor, truly appreciate the importance of civics. While he was making the point that “governmental power cannot be delegated to religious bodies” during an HLS class, Tribe said, a student challenged the claim, complaining that he couldn’t get a lunchtime beer at a local restaurant because a nearby church, under the protection of Massachusetts law, had denied its access to a liquor license.The student, along with Tribe and his then-colleague Stephen Breyer, now a Supreme Court justice, filed a lawsuit claiming that the church’s interference was a violation of the First Amendment’s establishment clause. The trio took the case all the way to the Supreme Court, where they won with an eight-to-one decision.“The unintended lesson that civic engagement matters, that you can actually make a difference in fundamental principles that govern the country just by asking a question, that stuck with me and it has been one of my best experiences,” said Tribe.One way to combat a growing cynicism about government, especially in younger generations, is to engage young people in some kind of civic action or experience, agreed the panelists.“All you have to do is get the students involved in some question of a local nature that raises a constitutional issue. Let them ask the question and get involved, maybe bring some petition or motion before a public body to get them engaged in it. It gets them turned on right away,” said O’Connor.Bringing public officials into schools, encouraging participation in jury duty, discussing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and raising issues around privacy rights online are all ways to reach students and encourage broader civic discourse, the panelists added.Souter also argued for a vibrant history curriculum.“Let them learn something about other times. To put it simply, teach some history. … When you do, you will realize that we have been here before, and you will realize how we got out of these situations before, and you will realize that the norm is, in fact, something that does not create cynicism.”last_img read more

Brazilian Navy Increases Cooperation with Combined Maritime Forces

first_imgBy Nelza Oliveira/Diálogo October 17, 2018 The Brazilian Navy’s (MB, in Portuguese) Naval Operations Command (CON, in Portuguese) will increase cooperation with the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF), a U.S Navy and Royal Navy-led multinational naval partnership, headquartered in Manama, Bahrain. CMF fights piracy, terrorism, and illegal activities at sea. In July 2018, Brazil officially became the 33rd and only Latin American country to join CMF. The organization controls navigation in 3.2 million square miles of high-risk international waters in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, including the Red Sea, the Arabian Gulf, the Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean. “This means that Brazil became a sitting member of a select group of countries seeking to contribute to maritime security and free trade in a region with a high concentration of maritime shipping lanes. The new status increases operational knowledge in the fight against crimes at sea, such as piracy, terrorism, drug, and arms trafficking. It’s also a great opportunity to establish exchanges with other navies, given the considerable number of countries involved,” said MB Commander Wendell Petrocelli de Lima of CON’s Joint Operations and Planning Division. In the past, liaison officers at CMF deployed to serve in the Middle East forwarded threat reports in monitored maritime areas to CON. As Brazil joined CMF as a sitting member, MB Commander João Orlando Enes Prudêncio took on the role of senior national representative, to act as a CMF General Staff member, in Manama, July 2018–July 2019. Cmdr. Prudêncio will then be assigned to CON to serve a two-year minimum, applying and disseminating all acquired knowledge. Brazilian maritime potential CMF is under the command of U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Scott A. Stearney, who also serves as commander of U.S Naval Forces Central Command and U.S. Fifth Fleet. Royal Navy Commodore Steve Dainton, UK Maritime Component commander at CMF, is second-in-command. “It’s a pleasure to welcome Brazil to our growing organization,” said Commodore Dainton in a CMF press release. “It shows that maritime security issues like piracy and acts of terror are a global concern, and we hope the Brazilian Navy contributes to our international partnership.” CMF’s resources fall under three combined task forces (CTF). CTF-150, Maritime Security Operations and Counterterrorism, was created in February 2002 after 9/11. CTF-151, Counter-Piracy, handles combat operations against piracy since January 2009. CTF-152, Maritime Security Operations in the Arabian Gulf, prioritizes the fight against terror and narcotraffickers under a U.S and Royal Saudi Navy-led team of officers. Brazil’s new membership attests to the power of its naval force and its capabilities, means, and human resources to cooperate and take part in global maritime task forces and operations. “Brazil participates with an officer in the General Staff of CTF-151, which is responsible for the fight against piracy in the Horn of Africa, since November 2017. The Brazilian Navy has a second officer since September 28, 2018, who, along with Cmdr. Prudêncio, is part of the General Staff of CTF-151, under Kuwait’s command,” said Cmdr. Petrocelli. Future possibilities With critical vessels among its fleet, such as the Multipurpose Helicopter Carrier Atlântico and the Bahia Multipurpose Dock Ship, that are now formally part of CMF, MB could participate in international patrols within CMF’s jurisdiction. “Not now, but as a CMF member country, it’s possible in the future,” Cmdr. Petrocelli said. “MB’s ship crews are trained to take action during several combat operations and crimes at sea, such as those CMF faces,” said Cmdr. Petrocelli. Since 2011, MB commands the Maritime Task Force of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon with a ship and an aircraft permanently deployed to stop the influx of illegal weapons and contraband. MB also contributes to training the Lebanese Navy to help its troops gain operational autonomy. “Brazil seeks to stay current and engaged in maritime threat matters, although our actions within CMF are limited to combating piracy, due to the Brazilian government’s legal position,” said Cmdr. Petrocelli. “Piracy in the Horn of Africa is a problem that afflicts the entire international community because it directly affects global trade, and Brazil has an interest in contributing to fighting this crime. In addition, Brazil can gain from the experience in the fight against piracy in this part of the world to use against the existing piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, a strategic area of great interest for the country,” concluded Cmdr. Petrocelli.last_img read more

Tourism = occupation of the future

first_imgTourism is considered one of the key drivers of the country’s socio-economic progress. It can be compared in scope to oil exports, food production or car production. It has become one of the key factors in international trade and is one of the main sources of income in many developing countries.Tourism accounts for 10% of world GDP, 6% of world exports and 1 of 11 of the world’s jobs. And now you can study it part-time, with work, family and other obligations, 100% online.It is crucial for success in tourism to follow trendsCreative thinking about news in the field of tourist offer is important for the success of an individual tourist organization. The main trends of the future are:• Emotional experiences• Experiences of local specialties• Body care• Gastronomy• Shopping• Escape from everyday lifeThe full article is available at links.You can find the only online program in the field of tourism in Croatia at DOBA FacultyProgram Business and management in tourism covers the most modern subjects in the field of trends in tourism, such as Development and design of top products and services in tourism, Sustainable tourism and the local environment, Social media strategies and marketing, Management of trends in tourism… We implement it in completely online, but don’t worry, we have been conducting online studies at DOBI for 18 years in a row, we have experience, international accreditation, developed support seven days a week, and your diploma will not say that you studied online, namely this way of studying is equivalent to classical – so officially, as in practice.Worried about an online degree? Due to the equality of both ways of studying, it is not written on your European diploma that you studied online.Do you want to get to know us better?At your disposal is the personal consultation of our manager for the Croatian market, Nuša Lazar, who is in Zagreb on Tuesday, February 6 and also, on Tuesday, February 13, 2018. Please register for the consultation by email [email protected] you are more comfortable at work or in a home armchair, join us at the online live presentation:• on Wednesday, February 14, 2018, at 12.00:19.00 or XNUMX:XNUMX. Sign up here.We will be happy to send you informative material if you trust us your contacts.At DOBA Faculty, we have prepared an interesting video that shows how to become a successful online student, among other obligations?last_img read more

Indonesia to turn former Vietnamese refugee camp into hospital for COVID-19 patients

first_imgThe hospital, which is expected to be able to accommodate 1,000 patients, will be equipped with isolation rooms as well, which will take up 2 percent of the hospital’s total capacity. “We will prepare 50 isolation rooms as the World Health Organization’s health protocol stipulates that 2 percent of the hospital’s capacity must be isolation rooms,” Hadi said.  Public Works and Housing Minister Basuki Hadimuljono said construction would be completed within a month. “We will not forget the locals’ contribution here. The construction might not take long. The water source is already available, everything has been prepared according to the standards of the facilities in Natuna and Sebaru,” Basuki said, adding that he did not know what the total budget for the project would be.Hadi and Basuki were also unable to say when construction would begin. Read also: Indonesia to test more people for COVID-19Meanwhile, head of the Riau Islands Health Agency Tjeptjep Yudiana said the decision to set up the special hospital on Galang Island had not yet been made final.“They have only come to assess the site. Galang is one option, but so far no decision has been made,” Tjeptjep said. The field coordinator for the visit, Said Adnan, said the military had inspected a former hospital building, a logistics building and several religious buildings. “We have been ordered to clean out the buildings and provide details on the condition of the buildings to the commander,” Adnan said. (dpk)Topics : The site also has access to clean water and electricity, while the island is located 50 kilometers from Hang Nadim International Airport. Read also: ‘Diamond Princess’ evacuees to start separate quarantine on Sebaru islandHadi explained the hospital would treat infected patients and also function as a quarantine center. A coronavirus quarantine center was previously set up in Natuna, Riau Islands.“We shall see if this is the right time to turn the location into a special hospital to treat patients infected with novel coronavirus. Hopefully, this plan will be realized soon and the hospital can be put to use immediately, especially if there are infected patients near Galang Island,” Hadi said.  Following the confirmation of the first two COVID-19 cases in Indonesia, the government is making plans to transform a former camp for Vietnamese refugees on Galang Island, Batam, Riau Islands, into a hospital for COVID-19 patients. During a visit to assess the site, Indonesian Military (TNI) commander Air Chief Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto said Galang Island was chosen as the location for a COVID-19 hospital as several of the site’s buildings still remained after being used as a refugee camp from 1979 to 1996.last_img read more

Three men charged with murder of US black jogger Ahmaud Arbery

first_imgTopics : The three men arrested after the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, a young black jogger in the southern United States, were formally indicted on murder charges by a grand jury on Wednesday. Arbery, 25, was shot dead on February 23 while running in a residential area of Brunswick, Georgia, which has a long history of segregation. For more than two months, local police did not make any arrests. It was only when video of the killing went viral on social media at the beginning of May that the investigation began in earnest. They “caused his death by unlawfully chasing him… in pickup trucks and shooting him with a shotgun,” the document said. “This confirms what Ahmaud’s father has been saying for months — that this was a lynching,” Ben Crump, a lawyer for Arbery’s family, said in a statement Wednesday. “This is a significant step on the road to justice and while nothing will bring back Ahmaud Arbery’s life, it is important that a Grand jury recognized his life had value and was wrongly and ruthlessly ended,” he said, calling for a “successful prosecution” and proportionate sentences.  Arbery’s name has been chanted for weeks all over the United States during giant demonstrations protesting violence and systemic racism against African Americans.He joins a list including George Floyd, who suffocated beneath the knee of a white police officer and whose killing on May 25 kicked off the protests; and Breonna Taylor, shot dead as she slept at her home in Louisville, Kentucky on March 13 by police who burst into her apartment during a so-called no-knock warrant. center_img Retired police officer Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis, 34, who were visible on the video, were arrested on May 7. The man who filmed the killing, William Bryan, 50, was arrested two weeks later. The indictment was formalized on Wednesday by a grand jury, a group of citizens appointed to weigh how valid a charge is ahead of a trial.Nine counts, including murder, aggravated assault and false imprisonment were laid against the three men. last_img read more

Boys Swimming Sectional Finals Results

first_imgThe Indiana High School Boys Swimming Sectional Finals Results at Columbus North.Team Scores.Bloomington South 477, Columbus North 448, Bloomington North 304, East Central 225, Columbus East 162, Edgewood 160, Greensburg 145, Oldenburg Academy 80, Batesville 76, South Ripley 44, Milan 37, South Dearborn 18, and Lawrenceburg 0.Batesville Results.200 Medley Relay: 8th (seeded 8th) Miller, Pelo, K. Main, Patel: 2:00.11 SEASON BEST.Career best splits by K Main-50 Fly (27.18) and Patel 50 Free (26.58).50 Freestyle: Miller 15th (seeded 16th): 23.75 career best100 Butterfly: K. Main 14th (seeded 14th) 1:00.9.1200 Free Relay 9th (seeded 9th) E Main, K Main, Pelo, D Main 1:47.34 season best.Career best splits by E Main (26.25, K Main 25.54, Pelo 27.37, D Main 28.18).100 Back: Miller-9th (seeded 11th) 1:02.88 career best.400 Free Relay-8th (seeded 8th): Miller, K Main, E Main, Patel 3:48.60 season best time.Career best splits by Miller (53.96), K Main (56.45), E Main (59.37) and Patel (58.82).BHS finished 24-20 on the season (11-8 EIAC, 13-12 non-conference).Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach T. J. Greene.last_img read more

Pochettino pleased with England duo

first_img Such performances have put the Saints captain in Roy Hodgson’s World Cup plans, but the same cannot be said for Rodriguez. The 24-year-old failed to catch the eye on his debut against Chile, but that frustration has not been evident on his return to Southampton. “No, not at all,” Pochettino said when asked if there had been a negative reaction from Rodriguez ahead of this weekend’s clash with Arsenal. “They have all returned very motivated, very happy to have played their part in the national side. “They are both really excited to put the Southampton shirt back on and to be playing on Saturday. “The experience for them has been really positive, for their experience and for the performances in the future. “They have all returned with great motivation to train with us and looking ahead very excitedly for the game on Saturday. “I think any experience that they garner, that they acquire with the national side, is going to be beneficial for us, is going to be positive for us. “Any experience that they get on international duty will be a bonus for Southampton we are very pleased about that.” The pair were rewarded for a fine start to the season by joining team-mate Rickie Lambert for the national team’s friendlies with Chile and Germany. Neither were able to replicate Lambert’s dream start to life in an England shirt, but Lallana was impressive in otherwise disappointing defeats at Wembley. Press Associationcenter_img Adam Lallana and Jay Rodriguez enjoyed differing fortunes on their England debuts, but manager Mauricio Pochettino only sees the past fortnight as being positive for them as individuals and Southampton as a whole.last_img read more

Wenger hints United want Vermaelen

first_img Vermaelen struggled to establish himself in the Gunners first team last season and has attracted interest from a number of clubs this summer. Wenger refused to discuss the size of the bids received but confirmed the club have received a number of offers for the Belgian. Arsene Wenger admits Manchester United are one of the clubs trying to sign Thomas Vermaelen but the Arsenal boss would prefer to see the defender move abroad. “Have we received bids? Yes. I can’t tell you who from but you will know very soon,” Wenger said. “Are Man United one of the teams to have made an offer? I think they could be in the group.” Vermaelen made just 21 appearances in all competitions last season and only 14 in the Barclays Premier League. After signing for Arsenal from Ajax in July 2009, Vermaelen became an integral part in the Gunners’ defence but form and fitness have since put his starting spot in jeopardy. Wenger admits Arsenal are willing to sell Vermaelen but would prefer him to join a foreign club. “He could leave, it could happen, I’ve said that since the start of pre-season,” Wenger said. “He needs to play now. He has shown an outstanding attitude but he is in a position where we wouldn’t stand in his way if he finds an interesting opportunity.” Wenger added: “Ideally, yes, we would like to sell him abroad and that is an option for us. Press Association “I don’t want to say how many offers we have but we have offers from abroad as well.” One player who could replace Vermaelen is Calum Chambers, who Arsenal signed for £16million from Southampton. The 19-year-old played at right-back last season in his debut campaign in the Premier League but Wenger believes the youngster is ready to make an impact at the heart of his defence. “Can he play every week? Maybe not, he is 19 years old, but he can play a major role,” Wenger said. “He has the qualities to impose his quality in this part of the team (central defence) and I believe he can play in defensive midfield as well. “I believe he is good value for money. He is 19 and a promising talent. “As a manager you believe in the players when you buy them – w e spent a lot of money on him but overall, in the long-term, it is money well spent. “When the players play at the top for a long period you can never say it’s expensive. It is expensive now but I don’t regret it.” As well as Chambers, Arsenal have brought in striker Alexis Sanchez, full-back Mathieu Debuchy and goalkeeper David Ospina. Wenger says the club are open to bolstering the squad further but insists they are not close to completing any deals and dismissed speculation regarding Real Madrid midfielder Sami Khedira. “I don’t know who has put Khedira on the market – is it his agent or the press?” Wenger said. “We were never close to signing him. Jack Wilshere is back fit and in midfield we have offensive midfielders and quite a few box-to-box players.” Wenger continued: “We still have three and a half weeks before the transfer market closes. “I am open to it (more transfers) but Joel Campbell has come back plus the addition of the four players we have already bought. “We have not lost players until now so we have a big squad at the moment.” Mesut Ozil, Per Mertesacker and Lukas Podolski will all return to Arsenal on Monday after winning the World Cup with Germany last month. None of the trio, however, will be ready for Arsenal’s Premier League opener at home to Crystal Palace. “Having the experience of being a team that has won a World Cup – it always makes it difficult mentally to be sharp and hungry straight away again,” Wenger said. “You either bring them back quickly and then you lose them in October or you give them the needed rest and build them up again.” Theo Walcott, who is recovering from a knee injury, is expected back between the end of August and the start of September. The winger is unlikely to be available for England’s friendly against Norway on September 3. last_img read more