Why do you want to build enterprise what is the purpose

in most of the main station, the construction site is nothing more than a program development and web design, and for most of the regular Guangzhou website construction company, do a website is from the page design and site code form. But I don’t think so. We believe that the construction site is a part of network marketing, website design and construction if only stay in the design and development level, then the site is not destined to go farther. Perhaps in the eyes of many people, marketing and design, site two words did not catch up, but in fact, with the establishment of the company to build the marketing idea out of the website is to become the leading Internet website in the numerous.

analysis, the focus is the analysis, analysis of user groups, market analysis, competitor analysis, grasp all of the industry, this is the Guangzhou Gong Sunce website construction company must do preliminary analysis, work is in place, will decide whether the whole website project process in place to complete. At the same time, in the "

is a website can bring for the enterprise marketing effect, the website is: Shanghai dragon expansion, can easily get ranked. Second: whether the web page is designed to meet the user experience. Third: the structure of the site layout meets the user access habits. Fourth: whether the site can highlight the advantages of enterprises.

for many years, was born in the marketing industry Gong Sunce Guangzhou website construction company has been the king of the marketing concept of the construction site as their own business purposes, after years of development, the purpose also gradually become the Gong Sunce advantage. In fact, the search engine keyword ranking also no ground for blame, the promotion effect by a lot of enterprises in recent years, so that the design and structure of the site, code and other aspects of the best rating, search engine, website marketing to bring effect is very significant.

in most of the Guangzhou website construction company, the construction process is relatively simple, often in the project before and after are not ready to work for the enterprise and the follow-up work. This is the website caused a failure, in addition to the core code development, web site outside exclusive design, a high marketing value of the site must be:

, the former


do anything to pursue the essence of meaning, if a thing has no meaning, then it is not. So it is a station, many people will see the surface of the construction site, but forget the essential meaning of website construction. The construction site is to build a website, or through a web site to profit. The attitude decides success or failure, in the beginning do not for the development of the foundation, it would be doing. The construction of this piece on the website, the full name of Gong Sunce is the predecessor of the Guangzhou Gong Sunce marketing planning limited, as Guangzhou’s famous Zhanpai marketing agencies, in the construction site, Gong Sunce also into the height of the marketing concept. Naturally the construction site as part of the enterprise marketing planning.

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