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. There are some not too hot word number is also a lot of search results.

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through the bidding website can reflect the number >



But this is only a reference to

A, the first page of the search results page ranking accounted for more than

home page ranking, there is a look at home to participate in the site’s ranking in the primary domain weight how, will be the site of the primary domain of each search put in Webmaster tools, see each other about weight. If the higher competition big difficulty.

D, the number of keywords to participate in the auction website;

C keywords;

1, a relatively high amount of

B, competitors website weight

this is a lot of people will think of the first index. In fact, the search engine search results that it appears below the database page how many web pages appear the keyword search you, to a certain extent can also indirectly reflect the word heat, a search for "decoration effect diagram", see:

to facilitate better understanding, we divided into two parts:

The number of search results,

2, the degree of competition is relatively small

looking for a lot of words not every one can use, can add to your title tags. We have to choose from so many keywords there for our website this time, this is a very important step;

have sex in Shanghai, we have to love Shanghai as an example. We can find the key words in Shanghai love index above the check, look at the index level to do screening; generally below 1000 is not too hot, can be considered. If the industry keyword search index is generally higher, can be considered based on the popular word segmentation in time, such as "decoration" of the word, the average search index in about 2500, then we might as well down the subdivision, such as "decoration design, decoration design, decoration design" etc.. Figure:

when we put on a keyword in the search engine, we can check the website home page ranking to page form number, if the home page ranking site accounted for a large, indicating the word competition is also relatively large. Figure:

searchMost of the domestic sites such as

these relatively better optimization, and more targeted. If your site itself has a certain weight, then you can consider the keywords competition degree slightly larger;

see a keyword competition degree can proceed from the following aspects:

our advice: choose the keywords competition degree is not too high, after a comprehensive comparison, try to choose those search amount is relatively high, but the competition is relatively small words.

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