On the website of local industry segments do some Shanghai Longfeng experience

where do the kind of industry website is generally the local traditional enterprises, they can use their existing offline resources to drive online business, but compared to other local rivals, have more advantages for local users, such as trust, logistics and so on. However, no matter how small industry, in a place where they may not only one, but in place of these sites are facing two challenges, one is a local rival, is also done quite a large scale foreign rivals.

many people flocked to the Internet is in order to better tap more valuable things, and these so-called valuable things include money but not limited to this, in which the Internet is a very significant feature is the information spread fast and wide range. In this environment in order to achieve their purposes, they must make their performance in front of more users, if a listed company CEO to do ordinary things that no one knew his talent, the same way, if we do not have to let more people know about our products and services so, it is also good internal strength to practice doing.

at the same time, with the development of the Internet, in many vertical industries have been very mature, the new Internet team is very hard to make a breakthrough in this environment, unless already has a very solid foundation. So many grassroots aimed at some places, do website website or in the local industry.

naturally, for we are engaged in the Internet promotion activities is an important issue, but as everyone knows the is in our grassroots team, doesn’t have so much money to hit advertising costs, so in the general view of Shanghai dragon is a phase of cheap traffic growth. So, almost all Internet sites have attached great importance to the web site in the search engine’s performance, after all, at least in the current search engine is one of the main Internet traffic entrance, except of course such as Taobao that has a very big brand, they don’t need to because they have become the entrance of Internet traffic, but obviously we to do.

We all know that the

I told everyone on the Internet with a lot of discussion, he also wrote many articles on the Internet, I said before I just do a design, in the Internet hobby made a logo design website, it is because of this on the Internet a variety of information and knowledge to understand. Today to share with you about the local industry site of the Shanghai dragon experience, because my place of work is the three or four line, there are many practical cases.

current is very intense in local competition, of course, the Shanghai dragon do flow sales are widespread. As we enter the keywords of an industry of a city in love in Shanghai, the first page will have several extended search results, at the same time these sites must also compete in a web site in the search engine ranking.

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