How to ensure the site optimization of Shanghai Longfeng strong execution

website optimization Shanghai Dragon strong execution.

many people began to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, full of enthusiasm, wish all the time in the website content update and promotion. However, most people do a month even after more than 10 days, the enthusiasm will slowly disappear, website content update, internal links, Links, external links and so on, almost every day is all these work, especially when some of the resources exhausted, the web site in the search engine ranking effect is not very ideal, this time the webmaster can easily get into confusion.

ensure that the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization implementation of the powerful basic mentality —

is a kind of arrogant attitude is overcome. In website maintenance and update, arrogance will appear in various forms, it is like a stumbling block, hindered the website development and other webmasters communication, self enclosed in a personal space, the final results of slow thinking ability, there will even be some extreme psychological, on the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization process, who are tired, this time may wish to read some articles in Shanghai dragon master, such as Wang Tong, understand, read their articles always give some useful enlightenment, of course, if you make a few friends website, usually more exchanges, will also learn a lot of Jianzhan skills, once to overcome the arrogant mentality, learn modestly from others, will find the collective power far more than personal wisdom.

many webmaster think, Shanghai dragon optimization is a skill, in fact, that is not entirely true, learned a middle school ancient prose "oil peddler", the oil peddler, pour the oil money from the tiny hole, a little oil are not splash on the coins is cooked. "Shanghai dragon! Is the most fundamental guarantee to optimize the implementation of the powerful, how to guarantee the implementation of force, is the key and core site optimization.

key — focus on

attitude plays a very important role in the heart will let the previous work have been wasted. How can we adjust their mentality? We should not be too selfish, we Chinese pays special attention to five, including your parents, care about five brothers and sisters, friends, couples respect, along with colleagues, which are closely related to our life and people do get along well with others, the most fundamental way is not to be too selfish. In the network also need to set up this mindset good connections, on the website, Links will be of great advantage.

attention and concern is the basic human needs. No matter what type of a website, hope to get approval. This is the recognition of the traffic flow is larger, indicating the site to do more successful. It is said that in some foreign companies, especially in the IT industry, these people are workaholics, speak little, colleague relationship is relatively weak, according to the survey, the world IT has about 20% people suffering from depression. On the one hand, is caused by the excessive pressure, on the other hand is seldom communicate. In order to alleviate the contradiction, allow enterprises.

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