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comes to Shanghai dragon, a lot of people is the first to reflect today’s Shanghai dragon has been declining, Shanghai dragon has no prospect at all, is it really so? In recent years, Internet marketing product (platform) diversification of the shunt is more serious.

Such as: Taobao

Taobao, the Jingdong of Shanghai Longfeng Jingdong.

just said you don’t look at isolated Shanghai dragon, but more than 80%-90% mention of Shanghai dragon, everyone thought that love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, do they think Shanghai is Shanghai dragon, sex search engine, such as the narrow Shanghai dragon thought no wonder said: Shanghai dragon has declined.

Before the

in Shanghai love search algorithm upgrades, changes since, whether large or small, there are many illegal sites suffered love Shanghai algorithm punishment, light flow down, part of the core keywords ranking drop or no ranking, or keyword ranking and natural search traffic and even home directly by K off.

early in the article Yang Zi in the past have said, for we do not isolate Shanghai dragon to look at, do not stand in a "point" point of view, but to spread your thinking, standing on a "surface" dimension, standing on a higher level, in-depth understanding of search operations the ultimate purpose of engine.

plus love Shanghai search engine algorithm upgrade changes, resulting in the search engine algorithm and intelligent, humane, and in the past have taken some Shanghai dragon operation technology loss of user experience, now is not like the original in a short time to get good ranking, if the circumstances are serious enough to be optimization of the web site to a disaster.


seize the users and meet their needs, in order to enhance the user experience, to achieve the core purpose of the site optimization strategy of good sort, sort of like this will fear the rain, not afraid of search update algorithm.

Deep demand and search behavior trajectory

in the view of Yang Zi, now Shanghai Longfeng is not used to talk of the heat, the above mentioned situation which is one of the key factor. But one cannot deny Shanghai dragon in Internet marketing plays an important role, but not the future direction and development prospect of Shanghai dragon, so the final judgement "Yang Zi has been on the decline of the Shanghai dragon has said, do not agree, this is Yang Zi still persist in the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix line combat.

Yang Zi has such a hope Shanghai dragon thought webmaster or Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, should the Shanghai dragon divergent thinking, do not be confined to the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai, but also other search engines like Shanghai Longfeng, such as: 360 search, Sogou search, as well as other Internet traffic entrance product (platform) as needed Shanghai dragon.

share with MSO, the first to talk about the Shanghai dragon.

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