Frequent changes in the page title will be down right

first, be sure to say, modify the title and not be right down. Or to provide services to customers on the Shanghai dragon blind, the title changed to right down, even the title can be changed, but also how to optimize? I contacted Shanghai Longfeng customers, almost no title, but all your pages are also changed, small to hundreds of pages, more than tens of millions of pages, I have never seen a problem because of modification of the title.

frequently modify title will be down right?

3, in April this year, I made a test on this blog, in less than two months time, the page title continuously revised 10 times above, every time I see the love Shanghai back into the new title, as soon as another update. But change is not very small place, such as adding a "change", such as punctuation, are relatively large changes.


this is the "Shanghai dragon concept" those specious series three.

may be the first to amend the title will be right down the Shanghai dragon think the evidence is, he changed the title, and the page ranking dropped. Appears to be very true, in fact, not. Modify the title, and then dropped, can not explain the title itself leads to right down, possibly just because he put a good title into a bad title.

modify title will not be right down

although I do not recommend this often modify title, not because of fear of being right down, but because it is doing fine old change, should spend their time on something more meaningful.

of course, here is the normal title changes, are based on the theme of the page, just for a change or to attract users to click, or contain more keyword combination etc.. From the title "Shanghai dragon day paste" to "what brand of milk powder", this is not modify the title, this is a new station, new station will have the expected performance.

the result? The result is not what love Shanghai not ranked in what search traffic didn’t change what, other aspects can not see what changes. Therefore, revising the title will not be right down.

two: the chain of Shanghai dragon now still useful?

modify title may be right down this view actually don’t know where it came from, but did not see what the evidence. Many years ago the experiment, modify the title does not lead to fall right. But over the years, there are still a lot of people see online advice do not easily change the title.

: one of the past 10 years, Shanghai Dragon technology has what changes?

now most of Shanghai Longfeng agree modify title will not be right, but often add a word, it was suggested not to revising the title. So often modify title will not lead to fall right? Frequent and frequent to what extent?

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