am using the knight to do sprocket

takes a point (NetEase) stated: we are equipped with the library, their link library and the library and the NetEase, NetEase can set this station sprocket and the chain wheel and pointing to the blog section. At the end of each blog to master. The sprocket uses 5 article and 5 link library, we advance in the main panel of the "data selection" card in accordance with the plans of information set the database and link library. Now we are arranged inside the "Knight NetEase blog" released and released the task. First of all according to the "acquisition of Knight record growth – released a primer", build a "NetEase" blog collecting and distributing line contains a publishing task "NetEase released the chain task", "NetEase arranged on the base with the library" link library "link library, NetEase" the publish module selects NetEase issued a module, you can capture module module on the market or write your own free choice. The next is arranged between the inner wheel and sprocket blog blog.

;Other parameters are set up according to the needs of

then click "insert custom links, select " and " link library;:

the next step in the "release parameters", open the "release the results of the task in addition to the link library (sprocket needed one)" to post links to join the "NetEase link library:

link library select use task link library ", namely the use of their tasks of Library" link library, "NetEase" in the link format and the number of link insertion position "to insert set according to need.


open the release point, task manager page, open the "NetEase blog" publishing point "NetEase released the sprocket task", "task management interface" select "sprocket setup to set up the station chain:

refers to the last step, set >

Hello, the last time to share with you the "Knight Collection – released" growing record entry, this paper introduces how to set up a collection and release of the line, on the basis of this, this time to share with you how to use the knight station system external chain construction. Some basic settings related to the above mentioned, this article will not repeat, do not know the students can refer to the above, for some key is proposed. The 5 idea is to use the third party blog platform together, forming a round shaped structure (such as: A-> B-> C-> D-> E-> A), are provided to ascend and reach the right weight for our main contribution weights. Note the link time, cyclic link can, do not need to cross link, because cross links, search engine that is the probability of stations will be greater, so we need to set up 5 link library. According to the current market some module Knight publishing module and data acquisition module, are free chain in www.xiake5贵族宝贝 module is described.

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