An entry level female master of A5 small details

from the Guangzhou debt collection company 贵族宝贝yc-tz贵族宝贝 on the editor asked, hope to have A5 expert advice, thank you


believe that many people are aware of the pseudo static, URL redirection, according to the theory, the dynamic URL pseudo static after it is best to redirect to URL dynamic static URL, dynamic URL or shielding, but the little girl today that A5 did not do so, such as

This two


贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/plus/view.php aid=318042

small woman today just contact Shanghai dragon, just listen to my colleagues that the station network, only slightly understand on A5, I heard that A5 is the industry leader, and the figure is very small but also admired, women today no A5 found a problem, here to share, if not in place, please forgive me.

URL are pointing to the same content, but A5 is not in accordance with the theory of doing so, I will have now found in A5 investment and engage in articles, some articles (the same article) two URL are included, but some only included a URL station. In the search engine’s point of view, two URL points to the same article, this should only index an article, two URL points to the same article is caused by repeated contents, this is very friendly to the search engine. Small woman just contact Shanghai dragon, only know how to learn a little analysis point, today in A5 with that matter, not to deny A5, just to satisfy your curiosity, hope you Master or A5 staff to explain to me.

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