Shanghai needs to adjust the adjustment towards love and our attitude


I’ve been posting in the forum to seek help, anxious like ants on a hot pan. But see a webmaster forum posts after I stop all actions.

update last number 12.8 that give a lot of stationmaster suffered internal injuries, I was one of them. Every big updates are a few happy tears. I feel a big update almost has nothing to do with me, I also love Shanghai to surprise nor K I. Let me fall after this update. Included crazy drop, ranking plummeted. Many people love Shanghai algorithm changes, let me once confused. Is not my site where do not good enough. So these days I started looking for the reason.

? The

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I think he said on, since I used the orthodox approach, is not afraid of love Shanghai adjustment. But the correct treatment. What to do before, now or then continue to do. An occasional Baidu is normal. Then I have the normal update and send the chain. Silently every day watching the dynamic website. Today, open the computer that website ranking all back to normal. And Rose (inside the screenshot above you should see the 12-13 number is No. 19). So finally I want to say is love Shanghai but not to adjust each site’s ranking also is our attitude. As long as you don’t use black hat to do a website, is not afraid of love renovation in Shanghai. When you fall in love with the sea will love.

began looking for someone to help me take a look at the website title, keywords, description if there is a problem. And then with the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform test site, no problem ah.

what’s wrong. Causes the main keywords I drop to one hundred even to the end there is no ranking of

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