Good or natural reading on the chain has a sense of judgment

Although the problem of

the garbage outside the chain, the chain of cheating, we have said, or that, as we have not pay attention to avoid the generation of the chain, this I do not know. About the garbage outside the chain, in the article mentioned, some are automatic production, or search the chain, these are all in the construction we publish information unintentionally, but not on the website > negative

, judging whether the chain for the chain of the principle of real recommendation


Lu Songsong and ZAC’s blog, blogger with everybody stressed that most of the chain for the construction is invalid. In the earlier, the author of this argument is still rejected, now it seems that the natural way to the construction of the chain, is indeed the dominant trend in the future. So how to get the chain real recommend? This is not difficult, first, we can in the A5 Adsense nets contribute soft, so a large number of users reprint articles, the chain like this, is not the real you recommend. Second, page links in multiple. We can refer to the author of the website, built from the chain, we can see that the site most of the chain is the entrance of the inside pages, and many are through the soft Wen contribute to the link, therefore, in a short period of less than 3 months time, the ranking has received a good performance.

finally, yesterday, this has been referred to the construction of the chain rule of predecessors was the authority announced, since it is so, then everyone for the construction of the chain way should be according to the standards, in this paper, the author will according to "several chapters on chain judgment", then carries on the analysis a chain of construction methods for the construction of the chain on the way, for you to make a reference:

chain chain construction direction judgment standard to a lot of people to give a clear direction, at first glance, really a little impulse. In fact, I carefully thought for a moment, this is not always the predecessor in the chain construction standards emphasize it, not what the secret, but as for how many people to do this, we should examine the question through self-reflection.

In fact, as early as

on this point, in front of a lot of webmasters mentioned, real recommendation can pass high quality articles, attract users reprint, and recommended. But in view of the current Shanghai dragon industry situation, we still ask reproduced with links has? So, general advice by active in the form of share premium platform.

– two, distinguish the garbage outside the chain of two kinds of problems of the chain and the chain of

LEE in Webmaster Platform yesterday released a high-profile "on the chain judgment", the author carefully read the full text, think carefully. This document is published what brought me understand? Or do not understand? The answer is no, in this paper, LEE focuses on the chain of garbage to judge with cheating chain judgment, as well as the individual case, still no webmaster has been looking forward to the high quality of the chain the judgment standard, inevitably a bit disappointed.

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