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I turn to the twenty-second page, the site of the 550th words, are still in the first row here! Needless to say, we all know this station how cattle! Why is this? Careful people will find that third figure in many kinds of traffic, keywords, psoriasis, also there are big Regulus, and iPhone4, and many other categories of the keywords front, I have no screenshots. So why is there such a good

and a few other points can not be ignored is in "


, the cumulative found nearly 1W2 thousands of records! You can check Sina, NetEase, Tencent and other large web site, what there are so many rankings? Is not unprecedented? Here we might guess, so cattle station, its PR is not high, for example eight or nine, I’m sorry to disappoint you, often will the truth. It is amazing to see pictures or:

careful people may have been found, it is the top-level domain, it has many two domain names, and different types of keywords ranking is on its two level domain name came up, it’s only a few top-level domain name ranking. Also, it has a lot of rankings are based on the inside pages of its two level domain name row up, like some pages of classified information website ranking. This thought, such a cattle station, its homepage is extraordinary, but it opened the top-level domain home page, was shocked, you can go look at the open, is a picture, it adds a host URL watermark, then is that it all two domain text links the picture, also PS May day (the station is very love May day?). You can see that, really bring traffic is each of its two level domain name

You can see in figure ! ranking?


has been ranked every webmaster are very concerned and must pay close attention to the webmaster, keywords station is also ranked their brains, can try the shake test, do also do some, the ranking is up, some ranking still did not pick up, every time the update is some people worry about joy, then have you seen this station? Low weight, included relatively is not too high, but the ranking, with unprecedented it must not be too! What site? I am also inadvertently found, above, the webmaster hold


PR 0! Some people say, this is not WWW, then you can go to check with WWW PR is only 3! See the data, you shocked? Whether or not you are shocked, I was shocked! Here, and may people say, even if there are so many rankings, the ranking is useless, so we continue to look at the map, you will be disappointed:


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