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is not completely is a skill that can be said is a simple idea, it may not be original, but this method is really feasible. So love Taobao guest standing on the friends, may wish to take a look at this article dishes, maybe a little bit of help to you. Should we have a lot of A5 station in Taobao is off, the Shanghai dragon, by sending off, Taobao and so on many kinds of methods through blogs, QQ marketing group, and now Taobao off the highest percentage of the pills is. Each box of more than 130 products, the Commission is as high as 50%, profit is very objective, which will have a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization started the profitable way.

diet pills this kind of words, the most popular search is to say: the term weight loss drug list, is to make friends is not difficult to find, the keywords ranking on the first page is connected to buy some gov high weight of the right to the site, if you only rely on Shanghai Dragon Phoenix regular the means must have been very difficult to make up, then we can think about it, to give up the competitive keywords, to choose some of the more popular and the competition is relatively small keywords to do it.

we took pills for example, there are about more than 1400 people in Shanghai love every day to search the word diet pills, then some key words the drop-down box is relatively popular keywords, want to do up really a bit difficult, but once you make up income is very objective. We put the drop-down box and relevant search words are recorded, we do not just put him down, and then go to Shanghai in search of some love long term mining tools, here I do not recommend, find a can, you put the drop-down box and relevant search words are entered, and then go to let the tools to help you discover the long tail.

when you find a relatively high word index, to love Shanghai index check first, see if the tool on the index and Shanghai index statistics as the background of love, as if it can be said that the word has been scored 25%; then we love Shanghai search this word, look at the relevant page how many pages, you can take the word and compare this weight loss drug list, a comparison will be clear, if the page is about millions of a cold words, it will get 50% of the most successful; after, look at the words of the website, we do not look at those old web pages, just look at the domain name in the first film website, see all his, when you put on his website analysis almost, in the word on the success of 75%; the last remaining 25%, is to rely on our own efforts to complete the task of ranking optimization.

Taobao customers is the electronic commerce, we only to is flow, site up flow have income, if your site traffic and have no income, that your site rankings do not how, then look at the Taobao connection is being modified.

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