Can not be ignored on Optimization of Tag tag

in Shanghai Longfeng website optimization, if you do not pay attention to the details of the optimization, it is easy to be thrown out as a competitor, Tag tags, as a function of the current common on the Internet, especially in the information on the website, the application of Tag is very common, but it is also the application of this label is generally, so many owners ignore the optimization effect of the Tag tag. Then the Tag tag will optimize the effect of what kind of

Tag label so significant, so we in the site optimization, how to optimize this small project? Here to talk about specific optimization measures.


first, Tag tags are usually composed of some key words, similar to the paper, in addition to the outside, there is the corresponding keywords, is description. If a paper is not abstract, it is usually not through the academic journal review. From this point of view, the keyword itself is very important. Then Tag’s importance is self-evident.

second, the Tag tag keyword best not to set the current more popular keywords, because these keywords itself competition is very fierce, the keyword set search engine will often be selectively ignored, even if loved Shanghai spiders, want to get a higher ranking is a very difficult thing. It can choose the corresponding long tail keywords can solve this problem, can also be long tail keywords in the first place, however, can be placed second core keywords, which is more conducive to love Shanghai intelligent judgment content.

third Tag, the words can not be too much, if too much, will inevitably lead to difficulties, in general, in the 4 to the Chinese characters compared.

second, because Tag represents is the key content, and other search engines love Shanghai inevitably attaches great importance to the reading of Tag tags, and then the core keywords and text analysis, if you find the keywords in the content page accounted for very little, it will determine the keywords and content does not take sides, poor quality so this article will determine the content. If the keyword density in the content page is extremely high, so it will be the search engines that are key to the problem of cheating, will make bad comments about the same content quality. The importance of the construction of the contents of the Tag tags in the optimization of the.

first, for the Tag label do not be able to freely modify the label, as mentioned above, the Tag tag itself is the key, when you confirm the contents of the keywords, naturally can not arbitrarily change. We design Tag tags often have multiple keywords, so one can be fully set up, without the need to modify the corresponding labels in the content and then upload, this will let love Shanghai that your content are modified or changed, and then judge the updates you shoddy, adversely affected for the website optimization.

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