Shanghai Longfeng optimization keywords should pay attention to what

before the choice of keywords, we should first determine the content of the website, around the content of the web site to determine the keywords, but is not the first choice of keywords and then determine the content. We have to choose keywords to the content of the web site and want to match, or search engine will think the relevance of your website is not enough, so don’t get good weight.


we have to choose, to have a certain amount of search, so we do go up, will have to click on the initiative, none of the search words, even our very front rank, so also do not have what meaning. Moreover, in the choice of keywords, the degree of competition to grasp the key words, we have to do a lot of key competition up, have to spend a lot of manpower and material resources, but it is difficult to ensure that these words will do, can do some competition is not very big, but also have a certain amount of word search. For example, the word "game" search in large quantity, it is difficult for us to do it, then we can choose the "online game" the search is not "small game" big words to do.

second professional

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization in this area, key is used in the search for relevant content when the user information, this is the Shanghai dragon optimization based, one function of optimization is to improve the relevance of Shanghai dragon page with a keyword. But the choice of keywords is Shanghai dragon in the optimization of core, choosing the right keywords in order to make the work of our Shanghai dragon has a meaning, to grasp the correct direction of Shanghai dragon, so that our work will not do the white Shanghai dragon optimization. The analysis here with you to a shallow selected some what keywords, I hope you have a good idea.

third, search volume


commercial value keywordSelect the

when we choose keywords, must consider how to improve the conversion rate after day, which requires some commercial thinking to choose keywords. Different keywords, although the words are the same, the difficulty is the same, but the end result may be different, different results will lead to different users to search, therefore, improve the conversion rate of Shanghai is also an important condition for Longfeng optimization must be considered.



keyword not too broad, too broad, is not conducive to the optimization. Such as personal website, do travel news, like the word, although very popular, this kind of word search in large quantity, but the conversion rate is very low, so it is difficult to optimize.

each industry may consider when choosing keywords are not the same, but the general direction is the same, we can use these points in the choice of keywords when. This paper from the stone of the original blog 贵族宝贝yigoula贵族宝贝 release, welcome to reprint.

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