Taobao business Amoy Shanghai dragon fled far away from

latest news, Taobao said businesses every day have fled from Taobao, from Taobao to improve the advertising fee, for Taobao’s policies have no way to accept the business start slowly away from Taobao, whether the news is true or false, when Taobao merchants fled, we fled from Shanghai dragon far? In the future, whether we will leave Shanghai love, to find another belonging to our world? All these can make nothing of it but now you can know, is that Shanghai is still Shanghai dragon dragon, there is still a strong force, there is still a strong potential, waiting for us to dig. To improve.

When love

: one of the first Shanghai dragon will not flee, mining Shanghai Longfeng deeper values

many friends said, Shanghai dragon is just outside the chain, content ah, the content is king, the chain for the emperor still around the corner, but the Shanghai dragon is not only such, when we still struggle every day to the chain, a lot of friends of Shanghai dragon has been slowly deeper the meaning of some friends to a point at the Shanghai dragon on dozens of websites of every day, do this or that the most appropriate proportion, some friends at the source of data to the website of Shanghai dragon, adjust a little bit, so the current site can maximize the flow of work, and more people are willing to use 6 hours a day time to release the chain more every day, leaving their footprints in the places to see, if this is the two. Situation, which would you choose?

In fact,

deep value, Shanghai dragon is the content, the author is always think of an article on the A5 to write a good "but the calls for the search engine algorithm should start from the bottom up to change", the author of this article also hope that the search can be used to meet the user experience better, more hope that each of our Shanghai Dragon don’t just focus on the chain, and should be more focused on the content of the website, only the content in place, the site to develop a healthy, experience, is the Shanghai dragon deeper value, do not experience the hair outside the chain, collecting collected articles will come, he needs us to have a thorough understanding on the whole the market also shows us the deep value, when you want to find information, don’t you want to see clearly the title is the answer, but the content is not To the question, when you see, you will scold who love Shanghai.

K off most of Shanghai in that bad sites, now the Shanghai dragon has been and is not exactly the same as before, and I love Shanghai published, to the user experience, many people have said that the user experience is how much money, as long as I meet the search engine, user experience is a P, indeed, now too many too many people think so, I was to search engine experience and give up the user experience, a large number of links into 80% new content on the network now belongs to junk pages, no wonder the sea fell in love with a big update.

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