The content of the website page optimization should pay attention to the details of our daily

Keywords covers need to optimize the natural

second, the use of reasonable weight label.

4, in order to improve the conversion rate as much as possible the mining site long tail

1, we know that the search engine is mainly through the label to identify the weight, like H1, STRONG for different weights of the text, H2 tags, a different way of writing and weight > tag

is a long tail word has obvious user demand for such keywords, in the Xi’an cabinet website for example Xi’an Avril cabinets in Xi’an where? How much is the Xi’an cabinet price? These are the long tail word is very obvious intention, we must carry on the time of writing this article focuses on the creation of these words, improve and the conversion rate.

2, the original article can bring their own copyright links, most of the time we wrote hard being reproduced, so that we do not want to see things, the author suggests that we can at the bottom with a URL of the text in the process of writing, why in text format? I think the text can reduce the weight of your page.

1, website content, the website of Xi’an cabinet daily article, will be for a theme will optimize the keywords of their Xi’an cabinet or Shaanxi Xi’an cabinet and so on these keywords covering website content, keyword best reflect the nature, do not deliberately piling site increase the number of keywords, this will lead to the optimization of excessive love Shanghai punishment.

algorithm with love as everyone knows, Shanghai has upgraded the station optimization for any one search engine for its importance has been raised to a hitherto unknown point, in this case as a professional Shanghai dragon Er, how can we change the strategy, improve the efficiency of daily writing website article, let the real help to the website users, improve website weight through the quality of the article? Well, we continued into the short gossip topic today, web page optimization should pay attention to the details of our daily.

3, not a single anchor text must be natural; during the writing process in the right position of the appropriate anchor text is what we advocate natural, not in order to optimize the website main keywords and many positions artificially add keywords originally should not appear this will certainly cause love later Shanghai for the site of the punishment.

many webmaster articles are pointing to the station, but sometimes it can point to the outside. I suggest we do not point to the station when the consistent use of web page as anchor links to related articles and content pages are connected with each other. Not only increased the frequency of spider crawling, on the one hand is also very easy to read articles related to increase website traffic.

first, the reasonable layout of the site keywords and anchor text.

5, the anchor text links to the best attention correlation.

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