How to optimize the picture of Shanghai dragon Just three steps

in Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, the optimization of a lot of people pay attention to the content, and the picture in the content optimization plays a key role, good image optimization, not only can show in the show, can also attract users click, bring more traffic, but because the search engine temporarily unable to identify the content of the picture, so we need to do what operation to understand the search engine and show a better picture of the content? The following Xiaobian and you detail.


The first step:

4.: when looking for pictures on the Internet, found many beautiful pictures are being embedded watermark, when choosing pictures must be careful, the drawing software to remove the watermark, if no one can easily remove the watermark with pirates.


2. pictures: the size of a picture, generally not more than 200K, once the picture size is too large, will cause the page loading speed is too slow, affecting the user’s browsing experience, increase website bounce rate.

Volume optimization size

1. the size of the picture and the size of stress: we can see the figure, why some web search results on the left there will be a small picture, a big reason is in line with the cause of the search engine grab picture size, general image width and height ratio: 121:75. To arrange the pictures according to this proportion is reasonable, convenient search engines display on the left side.


optimized its

can make a search engine to identify the content of the picture, the best way is to add a ALT property, the ALT property is equivalent to the name of the picture, can make recognition search engine better, then can add title tags, to allow users to better watch the picture, when the picture more difficult, when the mouse moved to the user the picture will display text commentary.

3.: picture clarity of image clarity will also affect the user experience, if the picture is not clear, but the text is also no good, will give people a feeling out of order, especially when there is some important content on the picture, the user can not be directly off the page, so the picture can be controlled by the width and height PS software, which can guarantee the picture size is not too large, but also to ensure the clarity of the picture.

5. image optimization also speak "original": suggest that you select the picture is best not to "love Shanghai" in the search for love, because Shanghai picture in the picture is love Shanghai has a collection of pictures, scarcity is not high, you can try to thousands of customers, Taobao and other major platform to find and search for pictures. The latest pictures just released soon, the original degree is much higher, as we all know, the search engine love >

how to identify the picture content search engine

If there is someone else’s watermark picture

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