Local portal website optimization experience

local portal site is mainly related to the local search engine and, at present more and more intelligent, a lot of bad sites will not have a rank, then in one of the most important parts of the website or to do when the buckle quasi subject, like when we read write a composition, a kind of need to be closely linked to the website title, the only way to to show their own advantage of the site, to allow local people to search your site through search engines, many people will ask, now the search engine is not so good to do, indeed, now ranking is very difficult, very difficult, it is not false, but only by engaging in activities, do the next line is not modern, society is a social network, is the information society, the most important source of information, the network has replaced the TV, radios, and even newspapers no people, so do a The portal site, to local consumers show some information area and true, then your website will stay in front, in the minds of consumers, and now the network society, do Shanghai dragon is icing on the cake, at least can produce a certain influence on the site, many aspects need to accumulate their own, for example the station I do now Mianyang Fullerton network, as long as Mianyang and Related words, I now do all of the top 10, of course, can not bring about real flow, but can produce a visual impact, it is said that no matter what word input. You are in front of the site, with the passage of time, people will remember your site, after all local portals actually rely on search engines to flow and the most realistic funding is difficult to do, is to let the site in the Shanghai dragon network mix a familiar face and have.

started talking about the Internet, websites and so on, many people can remember the part of the URL, but more people are through the search engine to find some of the information they need, and many are looking for the local nature of the site, so this is how to make the local website ranking is very important, of course do not only rely on local website optimization and there are many other methods, today I would like to share my experience to do some local portal site.

I also met a lot of confusion in the process of doing station. From the establishment to the present 3 months. Love Shanghai had a big change, but I not only love Shanghai, and I’m not by love to Shanghai traffic, I do optimization is nothing more than to mix a familiar face, so Mianyang local people know there is such a website, the network will gradually become famous natural Fullerton, so a lot of people in do portals are want to use what way, a lot of people are doing activities, of course we can’t deny that do not bring active effect, but also how to do propaganda activities? Not through the network, not only to promote their website only, more is the use of QQ these tools, then the search engine is a kind of course the tool, so I suggest doing portal friends or need to pay more attention to how to optimize the web portal, certainly not to say that all depends on the optimization, do still need to do the next line portal station Activities, only put things on the network and the reality of the combination of activities, plus.

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