Stop after Shanghai love love Shanghai advertising will K off your station

Why would

this view from Baidu commercial products project manager

must first confirm to do the promotion, how to search natural ranking? If the natural search rankings, stop after spreading the natural search fall, it may be K. If the original traffic from the extension to the natural search no problem by K.

view: love Shanghai algorithm

K station are anonymous users, strange. Love Shanghai web search and search business is two departments independent, responsible for web search traffic, business search for cash flow, the mechanism of avoiding this problem you say.

love Shanghai algorithm without sex problem, Shanghai, first of all you love Shanghai site from the low flow, in the search results natural weight is low, equivalent to K station. The person tried many times, do not believe you can try. No service threat, you will renew. Some threats may be individual behavior agents for the staff, for friends attitude to tell you the truth inside. Intelligent agents will not be so straightforward to tell you these insider, although this is an indisputable fact.

point two: love Shanghai unspoken rule


heard a friend say, once you stop having sex in Shanghai pay per click, love Shanghai customer service will be a threat to you, do not advertise ranking is all right, my friends do not believe it, really K only home page. You have this

had taken over an enterprise website. Because the domain name was love Shanghai for users. My starting point is the Shanghai dragon in advance, not to do SEM. By our team Shanghai Longfeng effective, after two weeks of several industry keywords in the noble baby row on the home page. But after a month of love in Shanghai has not updated snapshot, a new page is not included. During the Shanghai business daily phone calls to love advertising. Win would surrender, we renew. The miracle is to renew for second days, love Shanghai all day snapshot update, included completely thousands of new pages. You can say that this is a coincidence? Sometimes, or go to follow the unspoken rule.

this thing I met a long time ago, to help a small company website. Once used to love Shanghai PPC, and later the company boss found love Shanghai bidding without meaning, on the disabled. Stop after love Shanghai search, try multiple keywords, even the search company name, in the first twenty pages can not be found. The company does not belong to the common name, so only a few dozen pages, even all pages can not find. Not to mention the same Google keyword in general in the top three. So there is sufficient reason to believe that the page is blocked. Later there was a period of time love Shanghai PPC triggered a crisis of confidence is serious, exposed by CCTV. Then I thought of this matter, search again, found has returned to the first. Now I don’t know how to love Shanghai, but this kind of thing never happened. There are also.

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