The analysis and understanding of Baidu free blog admiration for reference only

review: once again to give up the big platform blog, again and again using a variety of blog, how many times skelter, "the first, how an anxious word". As the world’s largest search engine Chinese love Shanghai (I love to call it Baidu) on what they like? Who is to carefully analyze the details? Today you Feng printing and simple analysis and detailed analysis of the Baidu platform blog views (included, weight), for your reference learning.


Baidu certainly love their children love Shanghai space. After repeated tests prove that: the first Baidu space for more stringent assessment mechanism of their own, if you can carefully update high quality article 30 above, and the establishment of a blog for more than 2 months, this time Baidu this child has guard, this time you can highly pseudo original, but still not unbridled increase outside the chain, the best piece of a few outside the chain, careful care can achieve the chain effect. Baidu is relentless, algorithm is very complicated, I love Shanghai 30 batch line space is only 2 the (banned), heartache. Second: love Shanghai has done a lot of work to promote their own products like Shanghai, the current users has exceeded 100 million, while online users reached 2 million people. Think about it, if you post on the Shanghai space will bring love home, imagine the traffic, I also boarded the symplectic space of Shanghai love home hall, get some experience, unfortunately, is in no in disorderly fashion. In the end how to do? The reason is very simple, as long as you take care of, the original value of the high content of experience, and don’t forget to release every time you have to click on the recommendation to love Shanghai blog space, then there is great opportunity to ascend home hall, the flow is called a cool.

Baidu is the ultimate charm for Sina blog is, even if it is just the new Sina blog, a read a little article, regardless of whether the pseudo original, love Shanghai also will not included, the general is the second, but sadly, not with anchor text links. After repeated tests to prove my Sina blog, with external link anchor text is also included as possible, but included the opportunity is not large, generally from the time of calculation, need to continuously update the blog for more than 2 months, well within the chain construction fully, after the anchor text chain is easily collected (note: post no less than 500 words).

Baidu love who weights? Included? How to send the chain?

3. yhoo, NetEase, Alibaba and other

1. Sina blog (Sina)

2. love Shanghai space

Baidu doesn’t love, but will also send a nerve admiration. After the test found that Baidu is also included for comparison can be good type of industry blog, but you must do high quality articles.

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