Shanghai Longfeng blog profit model

third is also not necessarily is the profit model, but how much money is switched to close…… When a local Shanghai dragon blog do high ranking, and received the same industry agree, think you are the party "

also has a list is a test of strength, a lot of enterprises will choose to give the top of the Shanghai dragon er by comparison to their related staff training now. This is not only the need to optimize the technology, but also have good eloquence training.

today is a love of Shanghai, nine in the morning to check the rankings to page second, think the ranking back, excited ran downstairs to buy a bottle of "Sadam tea", the tea also did not finish, refresh, and fall back to the top…… Continue to update it, I believe that as long as adhere to the original server failure caused by the shadow of the past will sooner or later.

money the station also have advertising, but is the baby Adsense, certainly not to make money through advertising, just to show you, here we have advertising, want to purchase as soon as possible. Personally feel that the Google union advertising alliance advertising is better than love a lot of Shanghai, at least Google won’t put blind, the content and the Internet are more or less some relationship, love Shanghai advertising alliance…… Feel more like selling pills to. Wait for me later if famous, CCTV to interview, I stood upright, and then use the standard Mandarin, deadpan said: "the last time I was on the Internet, suddenly saw a love of Shanghai alliance sell drug advertising, pornographic and violent…… I quickly put it to the collection".

second profit model is the access list, now more and more attention to Shanghai Longfeng enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises, because the opportunity is not how much money to invest in Internet advertising, so almost all focused on search engine optimization. Shanghai Longfeng blog is a good platform for the display, high ranking, big names, of these enterprises is very convincing, but at the same time, and not their rankings can be high, its content also needs to be made, to convey the idea of Shanghai dragon himself, if a garbage station do high ranking, but looked queasy, then what is the use, such as the two seed, you said that I would be Sora Aoi’s "the Avengers" or "beast redeem" fengjie.

would like to talk about the local Shanghai dragon blog profit model today, because yesterday a fellow friend said that he gave up, do not want to do, hope to help him regain confidence.

In fact, the Wuhan Shanghai dragon

is the first of course is advertising, more than 90% of the sites are advertising financed. But the local Shanghai dragon blog traffic is special, the majority is Shanghai dragon er or Shanghai Longfeng stakeholders, therefore, the advertisement must be targeted to do with the Internet, you should at least have correlation in some aspects. For example, bus tickets can sell a few dollars feet to sell accident insurance, but you can not open the hotel, because you do not, the instant food is dead, can not be sold.

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