How Shanghai Longfeng details do Dede station optimization CMS

performance options, whether the list contains higher content of this sub class is selected, using the keyword related articles also choose is Arclist tag called cache this parameter is set to 0, the site is set inside, the home page changed the name: Keywords home page, such as my website is medicine reducing weight, then I will instead medicine reducing weight list page, this can increase the density of keywords.

dedecms, the program also has a period of time, and now share about dedecms site optimization techniques of my own, the following individuals think is worth learning for just learning Shanghai dragon dedecms with your friends, because I just do Shanghai Dragon Phoenix soon, the following article if wrong please advise.

three of the website, here is needless to say, we all know how to set the. How to say below website navigation settings, if your target keywords website is: 1 keywords, keyword 2, 3 words, you can use these three words as the column name, and can increase the keyword density, and will not reduce the user experience. The main navigation website of a lot of enterprises can also use this method to improve keyword density.

Three tag

, a system in the system the basic parameters of core setting "(yes / no) support site, open after the accessories, column connection, Arclist content enabled absolute URL:" yes, this will start the absolute address, website address, can prevent weight be scattered.

In two,

four, into the template default template management -index.htm to open this page, which can put some plates under the name change, change the goals of the web site keywords, keywords Links into Links, I is the weight loss drug list Links. Then open the head.htm of the page changes, the homepage to target keywords, also is the key you want to optimize up, I changed the weight loss drug list. Finally, open the footer.htm, the copyright information is changed at the bottom, a navigation key, plus web site, so that the total increase of the love of Shanghai chain and the YAHOO chain. This method is through my I varicose socks this site found, because one day I check the site outside the chain, found to be included in the article pages to the home page increase chain. Finally, the open article_article.htm, at the bottom of the article with "by < a; href=" 贵族宝贝592jf贵族宝贝" > weight loss drug list < /a> br /> < collection; Title: < a href=" {dede:field name=’arcurl’/}& quot; > {dede:field.title/}&l>

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