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, by contrast, we can see that the love of Shanghai relative to the 360 image search, image search, image type more, content page is more extensive, but after all of the 360 image search, has just launched beta version 360, we also believe that the search will be better. In addition, the author have proposed that love Shanghai image search in addition to doing the user experience and content, is everywhere in the promotion of its own products, such as the "love Shanghai wallpaper APP" "the love of Shanghai set home" and "Search Ranking" "love Shanghai" etc..

image search page



According to the 360

love Shanghai image search home page

love Shanghai image search results page, in addition to the 360 image search content, the difference is in the display interface of the display URL, and click on the picture heading into the source site, while the 360 has no such function; in addition to love Shanghai image search display page "search", there are of course related keywords love Shanghai love Shanghai pictures for advertising display; details of the results page with 360 similar.


search page, 360 search sub image search products 360 December 24th officially launched bate version, since the search was launched in 360, constantly improve their products, improve the user experience of search engine 360. Below the author to try 360 image search Beta version of the same feelings, love Shanghai do a simple comparison of image search.




and love Shanghai image search page to see what content do the following:

image search results page, compare the title, size, only a simple image, but also the source of details page URL link, picture format and size of content after the point into the way to display the thumbnail picture on a picture, such as < /p>;


image search content contrast


from the 360 Shanghai image search and love home can be seen, the 360 image search homepage interface is relatively simple and clean, a day holiday related pictures, such as "Christmas beauty" "Snow"; to love Shanghai image search home interface, in addition to different types of pictures, well below the top recommended.

love Shanghai Shanghai dragon

360 image search Shanghai dragon


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