Keywords why disappear overnight

, the original three suspected

this site to do is apply the others website template, these two sites are not the same industry, and, in no change, delete, delete the results, there are a lot of other website information on my site, so, when love Shanghai included, that is two sites, both fund articles, also before the standing of the article, so that I love Shanghai website cheating, the site down the right, I go to the keyword.

because I love Shanghai announcement, after the site outside the chain to nature, this is the audit whether the site is the key, so the waste site, when the site problem, I first think of the chain. But from the chain, is basically on the fund of this industry, not what is not natural, so this suspicion is broken.

everything is clear, my grievances were cleared, this is not me, however, I also could not escape the relationship, because the station is also an important step to optimize the audit personnel should, I did not do this.

also suggested that the webmaster, if your website has this kind of problem, don’t panic, find the key to the problem is very important. Although the chain is important, but more important, so, on the site on the line before the first check station, not.

actually, I have no doubt, because my article 99% are original, no one is copying others, so when colleagues questioned the article is not when there are problems, I firmly rejected, because my articles are original.

but these doubts were overturned after me more messy, in the end what appears to be the problem? Remain perplexed despite much thought, until 10 days after the update I love Shanghai, the site is included in the things put out, I found the problem, the original problem is, the station.

, a suspected love Shanghai

two, the chain is not suspected of natural


when the puzzle was revealed, I thought of the chain, the chain is perhaps his mistake.

When I

the station is on the "cash fund", belongs to the gray industry, it has always been to love Shanghai big blow, so when the keyword not, my first thought was love Shanghai adjusted. However, when I looked at the front page I found love Shanghai two, other stations did not change, obviously, Shanghai love is not adjusted, or did not adjust the industry, just adjust my own website.

filed this website, now the mood has been unable to calm down, hard to do for two months, finally the key word do home page, however, disappear overnight, so my heartache. However, things have happened, I can only face, find out the reason of it is the key way to comfort yourself, and let yourself in the later optimization process not to make mistakes, therefore, I summed up the following points.

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