Do six points do not have to worry about the user experience

The correlation between

content, 4. With the content of the website is increasing, users in the process of browsing the web is not clear what information is valuable for him, so we can appropriate increase in the number of links in the content at this time, not only can share the weight of pages and pages, and can let users read relevant content, can be described as both the strategy of ah.

user experience!

5, married into advertising, we do nothing more than it is to make money, especially some rely on advertising alliance site, in order to make more money on the website is full of advertising, this is wrong, because it will directly affect the site PV and the user experience of this piece, the search engine don’t love. With so much hanging advertising also do not arrange advertising at least not to let users go tired, then PV will naturally increase the chances, click on the ads will increase, the money also can make you less.

with the development of Internet industry, the user experience can be described as for every webmaster can hear is cooked, of course a big update from Shanghai love again and again, we can see that the search engine is more and more attention to user experience, but how to make the user experience? So by the author today to share with you how do I do this

6, in order to long-term development of the site, not too much to cater to the search engine, pay more attention to the user experience, user experience well, do not worry about traffic, do not worry about not to search engine rankings, so I hope everybody must attach importance to the user experience this fast, this.

2, website template selection, especially for some text site, a clear quality template is a kind of to retain users. So here I do not recommend you to put some interest to rich media, such as pop, because it will seriously affect the user experience for the search engine is not very friendly.

first want to do user experience, you must stand in the user’s point of view to manage your site, the most basic for website access speed, users really need the content of information, below I carefully introduced:

Localization of

1 site, you need to do what kind of site, not to do "title party" website content does not match, such things must stop, because there is deceptive, may love Shanghai once two times without what, but time is destined to be K and even pull hair. So the owners must pay attention to the location of the site and content must be complementary with, must be essential to meet the needs of users of content.

3, the layout of the site. Especially for some entertainment sites, do not like some more official news station that is solemn, it will make people feel very tired, and then will have a direct impact on the user’s mood, naturally do not want to go to stay at your site. You can be nested in the site of some functions, for example the most popular blog and so on.

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