SEMFLY key to effectively enhance the station for the amount collected

two, the website has not been included, how to let the spider crawling again fast included

we do Shanghai Longfeng work, to update the 4-6 articles every day, and every day to make the search engine included 3-4 article is normal, so the station included fewer sites, means you may not update the article, so the station included the situation is not good, so how to make the website included? We need to remember a few key update, when the search engine update is the value of the original article, if your article original degree is high, the search engine probability will be greatly improved, and this article will be very high weight, is very helpful to the website ranking, if you the article is in the search engine has appeared or existing articles, search engines will see your site weight is high, if high weight website, search The engine will be considered barely included, if the site weight is not good, then the search engine will not included you update, so some warning weight is not high site, do the station should be included as the original article, if not original, you can manually pseudo original, improve readability, or you can add a keyword in the piece, in the article, the whole article interval around eight percent embedded in a keyword, first words appear in bold with hyperlinks, the rest can be bold keywords in the article, may have to add some anchor text, this kind of improvement included in other pages of the web site, or a part of the bottom of the article to join, if said at the bottom of your website has generated automatically on and next article, then do not add, this update will improve the website website By probability, and can ensure the update 3 included 4 articles, 4 articles included update 6 articles.

there are many sites have updated article > no

, how to update the station in improving the amount collected

has done a lot of Shanghai dragon friends always around a problem and a headache, and this problem is every day to meet and do the Shanghai dragon work, may I do not have to say, some of my friends have guessed, problems included is the site of the site, is undoubtedly an important factor to improve website ranking among them, there were included station outside the station and included, and we all know it right down on our website, our website is the amount collected by search engine gradually reduced, so knowledge included in the site is how important, but now there are a lot of friends on their website and then the situation is not good, or included with some of the so-called soft paper to improve the site auxiliary included, this approach not only has no effect, but may also harm your website in Disappearance of the search engine, and you want to do in Shanghai Longfeng included problems will also included difficulties than before hundreds of times, so I suggest you for your website is not good, we can use some online resources to attract some of the spider crawling included site, I have had some experience to share with you:

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