Comment on the site optimization of every detail of every step

comment: the chain is the auxiliary site, early cannot leave the support of the chain, the chain construction should pay attention to the quantity, quality, durable and stable.

fourth, website

comment: website construction just did not rush to the chain efforts, after all, is a new station, anxious may be counterproductive.

website for those familiar with the establishment of the friends, is a very easy thing, but from the point of view of the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng, every detail must be planned in advance of the site selection and layout, site location, keywords, and the structure of the web site, are to be listed, it is best to use a sketch to show it,

1, for the user group? 11 have it listed in

second, website content construction

content after the construction site has certain weight and trust, this time can be set outside the chain direction, the beginning is of course step by step from small start, from the general link to high weight links, Links soft and this can also go to the outside of the chain increased relative to the requirements. The problem is not just the quantity, quality, should consider the long-term stability of each link, such as exchange Links, ought to be based on friendship between owners and owners on the long-term cooperation is win-win.

Fine adjustment of What are the

2, users to search keywords, dig out the key words one by one, the 3 key words selection, rational distribution, page layout, column page keywords which assign which keywords, what to do by the content page, this is the need to do.


after doing the site, that person should focus on the content of the construction, after all the contents of the column number is very few, even empty phenomenon, only manual fill in full, and to ensure the quality of each article, because the acquisition of the era has ended, and now the content of competition is the better quality who, even be more creative, these all need to spend some of the brain to think, optimize the construction of good content is the basis for the early site lay full.

site optimization is a long process, it is from the pre planning, site construction, site optimization, the release of the chain, brand building and so on, every detail is very important, do each step to make the site development more quickly and more lasting rankings. Each person’s viewpoints are different, Shanghai website construction website according to Zhang attracting network experience to share with you some experience and ideas, mainly divided into five processes, each process has corresponding points:

, the first web site planningThe

site outside the chain released

There was a time when

comment: prophase must be fully prepared, not only to the construction site even after optimization, just feel many places have shortcomings and lack of.

What are the

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