Shanghai dragon optimization don’t forget the choice of website program

website security program

Web Application Architecture:

read love Shanghai official "to establish the habit of website search crawl" this article friends should know that the structure of the website, the best page is: – Channel – details page, so we in the selection process, generally do not choose too complicated in structure, choose the most simple to is conducive to the optimization of Shanghai dragon.

in the selection process, must choose to support static or pseudo static program, love Shanghai search engine on dynamic web crawler is not friendly. To build a website, you must set a good static web page, can not do in Shanghai Longfeng optimization during the whole website to modify, otherwise URL adjustment may lead to the risk of K website.

Now most of the  

website URL


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website forum is set up by the network program, then choose a suitable Shanghai Longfeng optimization procedure is crucial, the Shanghai dragon optimization is based on the program selection, if the program does not choose the good, the consequences will be unimaginable. I believe that most of the webmaster friends did Shanghai dragon have the experience that today I will give up on the Shanghai dragon novice friends need to pay attention to some program selection.

this is very important, I feel that we do must use high safety procedures, small program vulnerabilities. My early dream weaving program set up our current chain Valley site, the line after half a month, found to be a hacker horse! Well, the railway station itself in the search engine within the review period, the emergence of this phenomenon, to the search engine directly to a bad impression. So I immediately changed the website program. Therefore, it is recommended that you on the website before we must choose a good program, so as to avoid the late change again in trouble.

above is some summary, hope to help the new station here, I suggest that you can consider using the WordPress program to do, very suitable for Shanghai Longfeng optimization, management is also easy to use. Shanghai dragon more relevant knowledge please visit: the chain Valley www.wailiangu贵族宝贝 A5 in this paper for the first time published the original, reproduced please keep.

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