How to optimize enterprise web site optimization enterprise to win in the details

4. keyword keyword densityOptimization of enterprise website

enterprise website is different from personal home station, tend to have more pictures to show, so the space can have higher requirements to avoid risk. Imagine a customer to open your website to 10 seconds, even the pictures are not displayed completely; or, your space after a period of time will not open, space is not stable; the website online at the same time, few people can’t access the and so on these problems, they may let you loss target customers.


many business owners, in order to the beauty of the site, home made FLASH, and use of the iframe framework, however, the search engine cannot read flash, iframe frame structure is not conducive to search engine optimization, which will affect the enterprise website ranking. Business owners need to understand a little, your website is to provide value to customers, not just pages is very good. According to Shanghai dragon, enterprise website is the best layout by using DIV+CSS.

title, description, keywords

1. space

2. site selection procedures

with the popularity of the Internet, more and more enterprises begin to try to promote enterprise through the network of low cost, enterprises through the establishment of their own websites began to test the water network marketing. But due to various reasons, a lot of enterprise website optimization is not doing well, resulting in business promotion perceptibly, I think the enterprise website optimization to win in the details, the Shenzhen Shanghai dragon how to optimize the enterprise website and puts forward 11 points of attention:

enterprise website to get good rankings, must be carefully determined the title, the first optional keywords listed, according to the hot and difficult degree of competition, combination of the most suitable title. The best description of the company and brief introduction business, at the same time again naturally repeat keywords. In addition, the best corporate website in the head keyword description, although the noble baby claimed to have no longer pay attention to this label, but is always right. I have seen some enterprise stand, the title of the station, including the content page and column page even the name of the company, the title is impossible to optimize, must be avoided.

The layout of

website keywords layout plays a vital role, even will directly affect the ranking. Therefore the enterprise website optimization must be reasonable layout key position is mainly the following position: (1) the site title: site title, description, keyword, the search engine is the most important, we must pay attention to the layout of the keywords; (2) website: focus on the website is keyword layout; (3 at the bottom of the site): here the anchor text can add site keywords to the home page, home page weight lifting; (4) the article page title and content and the TAG tag: anyway, homepage and >

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