Teach you how to solve the risk site is down right by K station

taught you how to solve the website is the risk of K

and we are familiar with the Shanghai dragon optimization, but we all know that, in addition to the search engine algorithm, our website is K for a reason but also can not ignore the search engine exhaust. So we have to do the corresponding adjustment, in order to achieve the correct solution. Find the problem is a kind of technology, which from the data analysis to understand the reason, usually the server is not stable, Links problem, website content plagiarism, frequent changes to the site layout, especially the title, site scale change, keyword stuffing and any other malicious cheating. The first thing we need to do is to check the station optimization, to see whether there is the factors involved right down. If you find that your website optimization is not wrong, we should pay attention to our chain is not normal. Through the station outside the station and check our website to diagnose is the cause of the K, so as to solve.


method three: website content to improve the quality of


is now a lot of websites to display Web site to use a large number of high-end domineering, JS and many search engines cannot identify procedures to control, resulting in the station optimization range. This will make the search engine to determine the rubbish site, so in order to search engine can better capture your website content, you should try to be practical and can not meet the demand of website program.

method two: practical and can not meet the demand of website program

This is usually done for

user experience is becoming more and more high in the search engines. If the content of a web site is not original, but the quality is very low, then the search engine is not necessary to show you out. The content of the website is the key point, the content of the website is very unique, will attract a lot of users for reading, so the first content is good layout is king. How should we create high-quality content? Search engine reads with the article only separated from the content of the page in the index, and then through the word segmentation technology to compile the contents of the machine, then the user search engine related keywords, the search engine provides content. According to the website of the weight, unique website or the relevant page of the resulting rankings, to show users. So, we can according to the situation, try to use the original content. >

site optimization as the staff, I believe that most do not want to see is your own website is the website is K. K is not 1-5 ranking drop, but fell sharply, 10 pages, website also decreased rapidly. This situation is very common, especially some just touch Shanghai dragon who blindly follow some of the optimization techniques, caused by a suspected fraud, which was K. Here is the actual Yu dream encounter this kind of situation, I give you to share how I deal with

method: do the analysis of the website data timely, review what involved in illegal operation.


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