Seven reasons caused by abnormal love Shanghai

content is not updated and a space program

love Shanghai rankings, included, snapshots of time and so on, all cannot do without two words, content is king, the chain for the emperor. However, this is not to say that the site can run amuck in Shanghai love the content and the chain, but the content and the chain is not good to do is to look up in love Shanghai, love Shanghai why? The first snapshot of the collected and you will look good. So why not love Shanghai snapshot update

what is a quick snapshot? Take a picture of you, but you either don’t show up (not updated), or turned up no place POSS (no original content), who returned to take a picture of you? Love Shanghai is a camera, you shake every day in front of him, and then put a big the handsome POSS, do not update the only snapshot ghost.


This is ignored by the

site space is always the lifeblood of both the safety performance, space size, load level, including speed and stability are the points of the website for survival, and space program is not good, it is to always be horse, all kinds of malicious attacks, the server is not stable, the site won’t open and so on, you say that not to mention the website snapshot update, you don’t love Shanghai K are lucky for you.

don’t think love Shanghai is a vegetarian, why would he not fall in love Chinese perseverance, so don’t doubt the strength of Shanghai, but not to.

Shanghai dragon Er place, every day you abide by the law, safe living a normal life website, but not cheating optimization, suddenly found that he loved Shanghai away! You’ll have to check with other sites you a server is K out, originally wanted to save some money the shared server, who knows himself as an accessory treatment.

why some people do not understand Shanghai dragon but do stand better than understand Shanghai dragon people, but also not trouble? It is because you know little about Shanghai Longfeng fur, always feel the title, description and keywords is wrong, so it constantly changes. This is a very fatal! Change the title for a station is not necessarily to you again and again, and you are a new station not to mention it. So we must study the system of Shanghai Longfeng, make optimization scheme, do not know where to demand timely answers, making a terrible mistake.

four, the title, description, keywords

five, the excessive acquisition


two, with the server’s website

caused seven reasons to love Shanghai snapshot is not normal, recently many webmaster complaining about his love for Shanghai not updating the snapshot normal or even stop by, in fact, the problem is most of the owners must deal with. Especially after the introduction of Chinese market in Google, standard for the exchange of Links changes, update time snapshot are more and more valued.


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