Discussion on the design of Shanghai dragon website

search engine optimization integrated approach is certainly includes the optimization of site structure, so that the optimization process is definitely not the site outside the chain, add a few a few keywords, some content will be able to fix things, if the structure of your site, does not adapt to the search engine, then enter your search engine the website included, like into the labyrinth, brought a lot of obstacles to the search engine, and many of the sites are not search engines also here are made the same mistake, and the reason for this mistake is the site of the construction personnel for search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) no sufficient knowledge leads to the.

we all know, the design of website construction cannot do without the website, and a website at the beginning of the construction, must go through the website design for Shanghai dragon deep understanding of friends may know, in charge of people search information by search engine era, web design has gradually changed. From the website design before the user oriented to now for users and search engines, this is to search engine, or a friendly design of search engine, are emphasized, in the information age today, people already cannot do without the search engine, the search engine is a website key of success but, this new web design thinking, we are called the third generation web design thinking".

website design also can not ignore the site whether visitors can be accepted, as we all know, >

When we design the

it’s thought that the design idea of integration into the Shanghai dragon, the website can also adapt to the needs of visitors and search engines. Site on the site at the beginning of the construction, is in the website design, should be applied to design the website of Shanghai dragon, so that it can be suitable for visitors to, also can adapt to the need of the search engine. But unfortunately, many site owners in Shanghai Longfeng understanding is not very deep, just understand that Shanghai dragon for the website can bring a lot of high quality traffic, but not the best time to understand the application of Shanghai dragon, and miss the best optimization, and other construction site after to optimize it would be futile. We say, a Real Estate Company in the construction of a building, will take into account the shock effect of the building, rather than in the building construction, to consider how to shock, this analogy should be very appropriate. Due to the completion of the construction site without thinking of the Shanghai dragon who, in Shanghai to do the dragon, in this case, in the optimization, also is the only remedy only, won’t have too big results, if the website structure for search engines do not have too much conflict, so when the optimization difficulty is relatively small if that is the site of the structure does not comply with the search engine, then your website is made of white, if you want to get the search engine friendly, would have to make a website, and these losses is not money, but time is priceless, is a waste of time.

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