Several performance website weight is not high


to the site every day to update the content, the purpose is to be included, hope to the site included page points through the search engine. The site itself weight is too low, the web site in the search engine’s performance is not good, then the search engine is not very popular website, so don’t usually come to visit the website content to crawl. For the new assessment period, generally included is very slow, this.



for the weights of the website is self-evident, can get good rankings is what we want most, this is not only the home page ranking good column page and the content page ranking is as good as that of course can also increase the authority and trust website. Increased recent search Shanghai dragon training people, there is the cause of Shanghai dragon VIP single page website. If the single page station has good rankings, is based on independent domain to weight performance website, the ZAC directory page rankings can illustrate the benefits of high weight website. After the good, we should say no weight site in which aspects.


site included slow

The importance of

snapshot update slow


web content included less

from the snapshot to determine the weight of a web site is quite accurate, this by modifying the title we can make a clear judgment. If the weight of a web site is good, ranking natural needless to say, even if it is not updated every day, will be updated every day snapshot. This point, through the ZAC blog can know. However, the weight of the website is not high, the snapshot may not be updated every day, just a few days to update. If the change in the title, snapshot stop updating, and more than 3 days can not be released snapshot, then website weight is very low, the search engine needs to know the website. A high weight site, the general change of the title of the second days snapshot will be updated, not more than 3 days, and the title information will be updated. But the premise is not out of the site to change the theme, otherwise is what kind of punishment do not know.

for a weight is not high site, the most terrible is rarely included content. The weight is low, the number of search engines to patronize website is very few, no spiders to crawl content, nature is not included. Included too little and the website itself provides the content directly related, no good content will not be able to search the website weight high marks. We all know that the site was ranked not only depends on the home page, the page is to pass even if support, a lot of content are not fully included, the overall site ranking and traffic are unable to ascend. The one hand the electromagnetic flowmeter station belongs to the railway station, the weight is very low, only included a page.


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