Analysis of 4 common cheating means black hat Shanghai Dragon

personal view: Shanghai dragon industry development direction in China is absolutely not healthy, 10 Shanghai dragon basic will be 9 black hat Shanghai dragon, the user truly customer experience is the first Shanghai dragon basic is very difficult to find, because of the low price, quick, many business owners are the black hat Shanghai dragon suddenly, the black hat Shanghai dragon can improve website ranking in a short time by cheating, but in the long run these sites almost can not survive, the search engine will give drop right, or even permanent blacklist, for non-technical business owners, can not see the nature of things, even out the real Shanghai dragon, I take a few sites for everyone to sit down black hat commonly used means of cheating.



3, the article burstkeywords, no matter what the article will appear keywords, this is obviously cheating, the white hat Shanghai dragon will never take the risk.



summary: in fact, the black hat Shanghai dragon are mistake is that they think about keyword density more favorable for ranking, it is not, as long as your picture clear description, keywords appear reasonable position, you are a healthy site, the ranking will be in front of the site, if you do not believe,

2, a casual picture with alt=" ", no matter is the contact, or the navigation menu, as long as the pictures add keywords, Shanghai dragon you need is clearly described, rather than accumulating keywords


, a black hat is usually not the regular increase of the keyword density, and the white hat is reflected the natural keyword density


1, just on the site to find a place to add on the website, it doesn’t make sense, you see this picture below, no user experience at all, this is the black hat often mistakes, not by keyword density and so on

I see

shown above, it is a plant, you add alt=" shotblastin machine " this is not cheating, this is what is the search engine is a fool? Formal Shanghai dragon will write "alt= shot blasting machine manufacturer Yoshikawa machinery Front Gate both highlighted the keywords of shot blasting machine, and not why cheating, black hat love with alt=" ", the shot blasting machine; yet, the reason is very simple, it is irresponsible, two do not understand technology, three is simple, see picture copy and paste alt=" blasting machine ", this code is very fast, but in order to accurately picture plus the information is very complicated, this is also the reason why the price gap is large, which is why the black hat Shanghai Longfeng do ranking near the anti.

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