Analysis of high quality original methods of website construction and optimization

in order to effectively enhance the user experience, now the search engine has been more and more intelligent, humanization. This is why many previous good pseudo original method, now gradually can not see the reason for the effect. Pseudo original thing is not their intention to write out, but by changing the title, even through the adjustment of word order adjust the paragraph order, replace the phrase to attempt to deceive, deceive the search engine. However, we believe the other is out to enhance the customer experience, the quality of the original content and writing intention. Based on the search engine ranking on the original, there must be some unique methods.

some people think that the original is not easy? How many new things every day, the sea sky just write, not to mention the search engine itself on the quality requirements are not high. This dangerous idea, not only hurt the search engine is to deceive ourselves. The original method is irrelevant, only let the search engine that the theme of the site is unknown, confusion of ideas. Needless to say, the weight of ascension, not right down has been very good. And the really good college entrance examination as original, write a composition, the site itself has been determined by the theme is the composition of the title or the central idea, the original will be around the center to write. If your website is the website construction, should at least ensure the site more than 80% of the content is around the center.


whether the website construction or site optimization, and later the Internet marketing, rich original content and quality are indispensable. Compared with website optimization and link building, content is the flesh and blood of the soul of a web site. No content, website design and exquisite, making perfect is a vase. Pleasing design is to impress clients, but more abundant information quality is the real needs of customers. For search engines, even more so. Now based on the technology of search engines to identify Flash and pictures, and can only know the text, and the search engine is more preference for the one and only the original content.

two, the key of strengthening just perfect and rational distribution of


often see some sites, in order to optimize the original, some website home page can update the articles where the title of nested inside very hard with keywords. Do not say to the customer, he is not feeling very uncomfortable? The article is the spider crawling, the search engine will be based on the content and frequency of certain words, keywords to determine the content of the page. Was a very perfect keyword determination mechanism ensure that some malicious use, there are a lot of people directly in the article stack up keywords. This construction made website, perhaps a ranking is in front, but definitely not long-term stability. If you want to increase keyword density, a feasible way is to ensure that the statement is smooth, logical premise, the proper layout of the keywords in different places, not rote.

, the theme and content of the article is in line with website theme

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