Don’t make the mistake of Shanghai dragon as network marketing


is the Shanghai dragon search engine optimization means, it does not include marketing means, whether the enterprise website is still on the independent blog, these two words are the most important marketing network marketing, the ultimate purpose of any method is the implementation of marketing, if you can not bring sales methods to the site, is not good method. Webmasters use Shanghai >

recently found a lot of enterprises directly to the network marketing for Shanghai dragon to send this article, I hope to deepen understanding. I can only say that the network marketing without Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon cannot kill the marketing, but please webmaster must distinguish: Shanghai dragon is not marketing, it is only one way of network marketing in a. Network marketing in Shanghai and Phoenix: email marketing, online mobile marketing, blog marketing, enterprise cooperation marketing, flow line marketing, social media marketing, things hot topic of marketing, product packaging and marketing and so on, these methods are the soul of the network marketing method. Network marketing is the world, not to say that the method is less operation down, it won’t change for you, only you want to adapt to the development of it.

you can say: the value of the site to determine the site marketing effect, the value of the site where it comes from, of course is from Shanghai to Phoenix optimization. Such words certainly is not wrong, the webmaster very hard every day to optimize your website content update, the construction site outside the chain, the construction site within the chain, to worry about changes to love Shanghai every day, began to stop complaining a website ranking how no, or very hard to the site can go home, okay, you can do so online orders, but left and right, not to order, network marketing dream up. This website is valuable, but the user experience is not only by optimizing the Shanghai dragon.

to realize the network marketing website starting from the user experience, rather than the pursuit of search engine algorithm. It is a contradiction of words, users love station, search engine can not be the love. The layout of the website, website product description, website planning, website template construction, flow form website, online promotion, offline promotion, product promotion and so on, these will be marketing to network marketing factors, not just a dragon in Shanghai. Whether Shanghai Longfeng webmaster should learn SEM, speaking of different marketing and Optimization in this paper, the ultimate aim of marketing is to make the enterprise produce profit, and optimization of the marketing conditions only.

said the Shanghai dragon can’t achieve real marketing, that a website to achieve a real marketing, rely on what to do? The webmaster for Shanghai Dragon into your website, it is because Shanghai dragon let you website with the marketing of the future, but users came to the site, it is no longer Shanghai Longfeng things, to see whether the webmaster can retain users, the user experience is the ultimate premise decided whether the product can marketing website.

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