Read these you dare to continue to ignore the URL website

first, many websites appear in most cases is the site of the URL address is not standardized, and some owners may not aware of this problem, do not know what URL does not regulate the impact of what can bring to the site, then I’ll tell you, if your site URL is not standard, is the first in the user to open the site to see the URL specification to determine the site may belong to the garbage sites, including some of the URL is relatively long, these phenomena will allow users to identify the site is not formal website, this will directly lead to trust website is greatly reduced, not to mention the brand reputation, so will be the site of URL reasonable standard, also to enhance the user experience to a certain extent.

on the other hand if because of the incorrect URL address of the website may be content. But URL is not the same phenomenon, on this point in the search engine is not very friendly, so we enhance the station information quality, due to a negligence may repeat content, you will have two URL the address of a content, so that the search engine that websites have suspected cheating, so the standard URL site can not only solve the problem of the station, but also can enhance the user’s brand image.


then we will say on the site of the chain, the website chain into URL may also exist in different situations, surely we are clearly in the importance of Website Optimization Website external links, so the general construction of the chain, we will point to the first page of the website, but with updated search engine algorithm in terms of external links, but also the need for relatively large fluctuations, we are expanding the external links, in which you can add anchor text, this may cause the website URL address is inconsistent, then problems of the phenomenon of the external links weight transfer, this will lead to a search engine site suspected of cheating on that cause website optimization effect.


is about the dynamic random URL, such as URL address is very long.

said the URL of the website, surely we are not unfamiliar, issues related to a site before the construction in the early stage we must first solve the website URL, generally a lot of people will feel, is not a website address? What is the problem? I want to tell you that is exactly just a web site address many of the problems involved will, because URL did not appear to have what website, will lead to a lot of people in the construction site URL, there occurred the phenomenon of ignoring the fact, at the site of URL which is also a lot of attention, including how to select the period before, how to define URL, which will be directly related to the later the website optimization effect, it may be someone will ask, that during the construction of URL really need to pay attention to what the problem? Don’t worry, we step by step on the website URL in detail Analytical.

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