Almost forgotten the Shanghai dragon why wages so high

three, real down Shanghai Longfeng workers has become less and less.

Today when

Shanghai dragon is the foundation of network marketing, search quality is relatively high. The other is the promotion push, Shanghai dragon is the users themselves to find convincing yourself. Shanghai Longfeng and long-term effective, other online advertising, but a stop on the traffic, immediately disappear. Shanghai Longfeng and relatively low cost and high cost performance. Of course, the Shanghai dragon can better improve the user experience.

two, small and medium enterprises do not have too big budget.



reason for the Internet industry wages are generally relatively high, I believe that everyone can say a lot, guard Yuan Kun here is not a list of 11. We look at the original question: almost forgotten the Shanghai dragon why wages so high?

each enterprise is ultimately combining online and offline offline, for enterprises are relatively stable, based on the line to give a high budget, is that the Internet is money to drop out, of course, we do not deny that some money out of the results.


see you answer, most friends said that this is a normal phenomenon. Almost forgotten the Shanghai dragon why wages so high? For this problem temporarily first secrecy. In today’s headlines to see similar problems ask inside: why the Internet industry wage is higher than

, a Shanghai Longfeng advantage is relatively obvious.

small and medium enterprises mostly just contact the Internet industry in the Internet, this one is not too big a budget, so most willing to choose Shanghai dragon this seemingly free (requires a lot of time) way. This is to remind the guardian, Kunming in Shanghai Longfeng personnel recruitment should be paid attention to, the best to recruit experienced practitioners. It is because we want to enrich the experience of practitioners, so willing to pay.

Internet industry is a high-tech industry and related technical personnel less, plus the Internet industry is a hot industry, vigorously promote national Internet plus, the Internet industry as a whole is a high-tech industry, because there are too many people do not understand, so everyone on this piece of talent to pay relatively high. (in fact, a lot of low wages, such as ordinary common editing, Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel and extension personnel)

browse search outside quiz to see a problem: I feel this year is hard to recruit, especially Shanghai Longfeng, expected salary is up 10K. The guardian, Kunming asked some colleagues: five years working experience in Shenzhen Shanghai dragon /SEM, a monthly salary of more than 10000 reliable? You said how to answer


webmaster era basically has been in the past, Shanghai is the rise of the dragon age, more friends tend to operate, the electricity supplier >

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