How to improve website ranking the title is very important

finally remind: the site is K off, search certainly does not appear on your website figure, the short term is difficult to recover, then do what is no optimization effect, like your QQ friends you are pulled into the "black list" how to call you, you can not receive.

, love Shanghai will not put you to the top, you can see under the title "why Tencent only Tencent贵族宝贝 it, why not write keywords, because he has too many keywords, involves too much, they do not directly write. We can not give users a good experience, who will continue to visit your site, your name again, the love of Shanghai can only let you again, your K.

so the Title Optimization is very important, it is a website called an important, as a personal name. You can’t call tomorrow today called Xiao Li, Xiao Ming, or like people today and Mike make friends, friends to find you when you don’t know your name, also can not find you. If a person outside, and often name, you will feel it is worth the credit, trust. I used to take on a client’s website, is named Bo website for information network, after the change of Bo fans, then later changed to Bo sports network, after the name for several times, the final is to love Shanghai station K out, K is not just strange, that love Shanghai you stand against the search rules, have suspected cheating, must put your records all cleaned up, after the user in how to search your site, you will find.

studio Shanghai dragon Ouyang green today and everyone comes to this, these views are my every word out, I hope to help you.

How to improve the for you!Keywords

users will directly enter the site name such as search site: Tencent贵族宝贝 sina贵族宝贝.cn, the Alibaba the title of the site is clear and concise, users love Shanghai look out, not wrong.

from the search results, we see that the Alibaba is a wholesale procurement platform.

from the green work.

we’ll look at Alibaba

website ranking title,

see an example above, you still dare to change the title of your website? I don’t change the title, I changed my words, it can change. Key words can write 3, much is not good, the keywords to seize several key, if you are doing the ladies, can be fine ladies fashion trend of women’s, and you write the lovely women’s boutique children fashion, so you say, if you want to buy clothes in to see no children you think, customers will find you? Because you are in search of words has deceived him, when he will later want to buy women preferred you? Certainly is not the preferred

title is very important!Usually

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