The chain is not equal to the chain What is a good chain


you must know Shanghai dragon Er, one-way links than two-way Links right high many important, if someone just one-way links to you, and you don’t need to chain, you’re laughing!

so that novice Shanghai dragon Er is not start to wonder what kind of chain is called the chain? Of course, this topic is not only the novice practitioners want to know Shanghai dragon, is currently the most webmaster friends confused content. To solve this problem, a small understanding of God to share to you, hope you can colleagues Shanghai Dragon good way to get from

as a good Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, before beginning to optimize your site, to understand the basic information of the site, such as the weight of the chain, included quantity, quantity of contents, basic information on your competitors is very necessary. Xiao Bian found that in the course of the study, some competitors site included, the chain quantity are not small, but his weight, IP is very impressive, this time some people may have "don’t chain really no longer need" idea, but this is completely wrong understanding. The chain you’re more careful on the other side of the site, you will find that the original is because of "better quality" of the chain, compared with the small series is always in the forum and other low quality platform to release the soft, the other high quality chain play a role is better.

normally, we will be good outside chain default as a voting behavior, if some owners voluntarily spontaneously provide editing behavior, is an indispensable site of the chain. Because of this.

3, some owners spontaneously editing behavior


2, if the site has one-way links, then you are the happy for

some webmaster friends, will specify the other party can not with the nofollow label, but if the other site flow is larger, even if there are steering or nofollow tags, although not directly help improve our rankings, as long as there is traffic, it is a good external links. After all, Shanghai dragon is main purpose to get more traffic, so webmaster chain in exchange, not a stick killed people on the boat

has been, "content is king, the chain for emperor" is the Shanghai dragon work to follow the rule, of course, in recent years, although the search engine algorithm constantly adjust, love Shanghai more and more attention to the user experience, which is a part of rumors that the chain has been eliminated from the dragon in Shanghai". But Xiao Bian did not think so, such as small in Anhui took the talent pool, carefully studied the relevant industry competition site, of course the other is station, they are not ignore the chain of so-called, of course the number of their chains and did not imagine so much, but it is also in love with the sea approved by the chain will still be recognized "principle.

Exchange links

1, click on the flow of the chain, can be called a good chain

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