Your target keywords secretly transferred

last night with A5 in the diagnosis of Huang Zhong friends the presence of their site, as a webmaster, certainly not the not a novice webmaster, feeling in Shanghai Longfeng optimization still have a lot to learn. The love of Shanghai again after the update strategy, to improve the quality of web content, resulting in many websites again hit. Today, mainly to a web site about your target keywords secretly transfer problem.

target keywords secretly transfer phenomenon, take Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques to avoid or improve? The author’s view is very simple is not simple. Is simple, as long as the late enhancement of the relevance of site content and original degree, avoid random release of popular information irrelevant, slowly recovering and improving the target keywords ranking will change the status quo. Is not easy, to do this, itself.

in this situation, I wondered, also ask a friend to A5 in the diagnosis of Huang Zhong adviser gave opinions. On the one hand, and your site content irrelevant hot news or information, do not release information, so as to avoid these popular natural search traffic is too large to obscure the true target keywords of your site. On the other hand, the high flow of popular information already exists, no matter more or less, do not delete, otherwise it will increase the number of 404 pages, affect the user experience, if not do 404 processing, will lead to a dead end.

target keywords secretly transfer has what effect? Of course, have a great impact! Do you think you are doing Shanghai Longfeng optimization skills, website construction or site optimization, but in search traffic is to search what day break, hot explosion models, come in to buy things, your site is not really the search results this is not deceptive? In the end, I believe that the search engines can not forgive you…

what is the target keywords secretly transferred? The so-called target keywords secretly transfer, I give it a definition: when the other station traffic is far greater than the target keyword search keyword search traffic, can be called the target keywords secretly transfer. I also call it keywords crowding.


for example: my site called rookie webmaster home, for a hobby, the beginning of the positioning is not clear, so set up a lot of target keywords. If the target keywords I site is the site optimization, Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques, but the actual search keyword = to my site is win8 win8 key, win8 key activation, etc., cause every day after the search into the traffic accounted for more than 90%. At the same time, these keywords search keywords are ranked in the top 50, in this case, the search engine has been the site keywords I later found. In this way, my site is clearly do webmaster, do Shanghai dragon, turned out to be a win8 activation site, this is the target keywords secretly transferred.

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