How to improve the user experience website page click rate effect

website ultimately serve the user, to prioritize effective. For example, high traffic sites, do not necessarily have a high conversion rate. Instead, low traffic sites, the conversion rate is relatively higher. Two kinds of difference, can from the page user quality scratch! (source: 贵族宝贝blog.sina贵族宝贝.cn/s/blog_6984debf0101ghq1.html)

, the two page description text links design. Set the corresponding links in the article, is an indispensable factor. But how effective to add, from the optimization point of view. Is not to add links to the more the better? This is negative. The phenomenon of excessive, will greatly reduce the weight of the page. From the transfer perspective, is more general. So, set the link option, has simple and clear effect. The requirement is reflected in the strong correlation effect.

Summary: page?The

is now the needs of users, is in a dominant position. Thus, how to take the initiative to go along with the user, to browse the website? This is the two sense, most of the site is in the operation. In other words, how to use the web site in the highlights, can win the user’s eye. Then, increase website traffic effectively. The user clicks on the page rate increase, will give the weights of the website promotion, has the effect of promoting. How to improve the user clicks the

, three pages to improve the knowledge content; the importance of the content, do not have much to say. The key is how to fully demonstrate the effect of the content to. This is the most important. The general content is best has certain effect level. Allow people to follow the content structure of a bit slowly, step by step to understand the value of content. The contents of such, has transformed to visitors;

To improve

page is the carrier of website content, is the effective basis to attract users. Based on the importance of this page, in order to retain users, you need to do the following improvements:


, apartment layout page structure. Don’t just do a single, single page optimization, just to search. The search and put these content to the who? Have you ever thought about it? The answer is presented to the user. When the input keyword retrieval, search the database page well presented to the user. So, don’t be too the page structure optimization factors to reflect, also some factors of user experience design. For example, when the user’s browser, whether love watch pages related to the content of this page? And whether the render link point

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