Share 1KK movie web pages included thousands of experience from zero

first recorded a map, ha ha, see more than 1600.


website content wants to be fast included, internal optimization is also to the film and television websites have a big advantage, that is in the content page below provide random movie column, this column recommended random recommended film, so of course a spider crawling website page, it is likely to follow the recommended column crawl to other pages, it increases the chances of other pages are the spider crawling, add other page a lot of weight, in the long tail words make them better.

, because it is the movie station data, which, as we all know, of course, is the acquisition, and acquisition has caused a big problem, which is a lot of the contents of a large number of repeat stations, in order to solve this problem, the author in the movie introduction made some artificial pseudo original, and every day the artificial regeneration has reached a small amount of resources, improve the quality of content effect.

home page has already been included in Shanghai love, and the snapshot is updated every day, but the inside pages included has become a heart disease webmaster and author, because nearly a month, without any pages included, even when the love of Shanghai good mood included a few pages, will soon be removed. Of course, I know, this is because of love in the Shanghai to observe your website, after all, the station is a new station, and the site was K because last revision, so long recording time is also normal, but in order to reduce the included time, the construction of the chain and content construction and website internal optimization do the work. Well, here the author introduced.

good evening, tonight a fish and meet everyone, remember that the last time the author "on the 1KK movie network will not be included within the pages of some conjecture" mentioned in the 1KK movie web pages are not included in the cause analysis, after a long wait and continuous efforts, finally began this week at the station to be included in the page, oh, tonight I deliberately to share A5 pages included experience and skills, from scratch, starting the

first, we talk about the construction of the chain, because the station is the movie station, so the chain resources are relatively rich, first the author has collected the related BBS, a large group of Studio Entertainment class registration account, modify the signature, by posting on time every day, to tell the truth, really good results, in addition to a heavyweight outside the chain of resources, which is love Shanghai encyclopedia, the author also made good use of it, the author found some popular movies or TV shows, and then create entries in watching address add entries, to do after all can bring direct traffic can also bring good weight, absolutely is a good way to kill two birds with one stone. In addition to ask and I also know like every day a small amount of the chain, every day, two or a can, because the outside of the chain is to pay attention to the matter and not quantity.

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