Share 1KK movie web pages included thousands of experience from zero

first recorded a map, ha ha, see more than 1600.


website content wants to be fast included, internal optimization is also to the film and television websites have a big advantage, that is in the content page below provide random movie column, this column recommended random recommended film, so of course a spider crawling website page, it is likely to follow the recommended column crawl to other pages, it increases the chances of other pages are the spider crawling, add other page a lot of weight, in the long tail words make them better. read more

The analysis of website chain in exchange when the three most effective method

chain exchange website information or search related chain

then fell in love with the maritime search keywords "Links" there will be a variety of chain exchange website, registered after the release of information exchange on the site in the chain, another is to search keywords or keywords industry initiative and contact each other. The author thinks that the second methods can still, after all the friends of the chain information chain exchange website is very much, so I think this method is quick and convenient to must master the. read more

How to improve the user experience website page click rate effect

website ultimately serve the user, to prioritize effective. For example, high traffic sites, do not necessarily have a high conversion rate. Instead, low traffic sites, the conversion rate is relatively higher. Two kinds of difference, can from the page user quality scratch! (source: 贵族宝贝blog.sina贵族宝贝.cn/s/blog_6984debf0101ghq1.html)

, the two page description text links design. Set the corresponding links in the article, is an indispensable factor. But how effective to add, from the optimization point of view. Is not to add links to the more the better? This is negative. The phenomenon of excessive, will greatly reduce the weight of the page. From the transfer perspective, is more general. So, set the link option, has simple and clear effect. The requirement is reflected in the strong correlation effect. read more

Your target keywords secretly transferred

last night with A5 in the diagnosis of Huang Zhong friends the presence of their site, as a webmaster, certainly not the not a novice webmaster, feeling in Shanghai Longfeng optimization still have a lot to learn. The love of Shanghai again after the update strategy, to improve the quality of web content, resulting in many websites again hit. Today, mainly to a web site about your target keywords secretly transfer problem.

target keywords secretly transfer phenomenon, take Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques to avoid or improve? The author’s view is very simple is not simple. Is simple, as long as the late enhancement of the relevance of site content and original degree, avoid random release of popular information irrelevant, slowly recovering and improving the target keywords ranking will change the status quo. Is not easy, to do this, itself. read more

The chain is not equal to the chain What is a good chain


you must know Shanghai dragon Er, one-way links than two-way Links right high many important, if someone just one-way links to you, and you don’t need to chain, you’re laughing!

so that novice Shanghai dragon Er is not start to wonder what kind of chain is called the chain? Of course, this topic is not only the novice practitioners want to know Shanghai dragon, is currently the most webmaster friends confused content. To solve this problem, a small understanding of God to share to you, hope you can colleagues Shanghai Dragon good way to get from read more

How to improve website ranking the title is very important

finally remind: the site is K off, search certainly does not appear on your website figure, the short term is difficult to recover, then do what is no optimization effect, like your QQ friends you are pulled into the "black list" how to call you, you can not receive.

, love Shanghai will not put you to the top, you can see under the title "why Tencent only Tencent贵族宝贝 it, why not write keywords, because he has too many keywords, involves too much, they do not directly write. We can not give users a good experience, who will continue to visit your site, your name again, the love of Shanghai can only let you again, your K. read more

Almost forgotten the Shanghai dragon why wages so high

three, real down Shanghai Longfeng workers has become less and less.

Today when

Shanghai dragon is the foundation of network marketing, search quality is relatively high. The other is the promotion push, Shanghai dragon is the users themselves to find convincing yourself. Shanghai Longfeng and long-term effective, other online advertising, but a stop on the traffic, immediately disappear. Shanghai Longfeng and relatively low cost and high cost performance. Of course, the Shanghai dragon can better improve the user experience. read more

Read these you dare to continue to ignore the URL website

first, many websites appear in most cases is the site of the URL address is not standardized, and some owners may not aware of this problem, do not know what URL does not regulate the impact of what can bring to the site, then I’ll tell you, if your site URL is not standard, is the first in the user to open the site to see the URL specification to determine the site may belong to the garbage sites, including some of the URL is relatively long, these phenomena will allow users to identify the site is not formal website, this will directly lead to trust website is greatly reduced, not to mention the brand reputation, so will be the site of URL reasonable standard, also to enhance the user experience to a certain extent. read more

Don’t make the mistake of Shanghai dragon as network marketing

is the Shanghai dragon search engine optimization means, it does not include marketing means, whether the enterprise website is still on the independent blog, these two words are the most important marketing network marketing, the ultimate purpose of any method is the implementation of marketing, if you can not bring sales methods to the site, is not good method. Webmasters use Shanghai >

recently found a lot of enterprises directly to the network marketing for Shanghai dragon to send this article, I hope to deepen understanding. I can only say that the network marketing without Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon cannot kill the marketing, but please webmaster must distinguish: Shanghai dragon is not marketing, it is only one way of network marketing in a. Network marketing in Shanghai and Phoenix: email marketing, online mobile marketing, blog marketing, enterprise cooperation marketing, flow line marketing, social media marketing, things hot topic of marketing, product packaging and marketing and so on, these methods are the soul of the network marketing method. Network marketing is the world, not to say that the method is less operation down, it won’t change for you, only you want to adapt to the development of it. read more

Analysis of high quality original methods of website construction and optimization

in order to effectively enhance the user experience, now the search engine has been more and more intelligent, humanization. This is why many previous good pseudo original method, now gradually can not see the reason for the effect. Pseudo original thing is not their intention to write out, but by changing the title, even through the adjustment of word order adjust the paragraph order, replace the phrase to attempt to deceive, deceive the search engine. However, we believe the other is out to enhance the customer experience, the quality of the original content and writing intention. Based on the search engine ranking on the original, there must be some unique methods. read more