first_imgIS IT TRUE the Evansville City Council wisely postured against the State of Indiana’s consideration to increase the local income tax from the current 1% to 1.25%?…such a move would cost the average Vanderburgh County family over $100 but could tap some families for up to $1,000 per year?…after the recent attempts to partially take away the Homestead Tax Credit after sneakily trying to remove the entire Homestead Tax Credit in 2009, this City Council must be feeling the fire on the backsides for being a bunch of tax and spend types?…the fact that all of the border counties have much lower tax,rates than Vanderburgh County already has will drive even more people out of the City and County?…we wonder what the heck we get for these high taxes as our sewers are still in need of $1Billion of improvements, out roads look like a wrecking ball was bounced through town, and the sidewalks are terrible?…when a good plan is in place, then and only then will it be appropriate to start discussing a tax increase?IS IT TRUE Evansville will pass a milestone on Wednesday when Über starts to recruit drivers to provide transportation services to the city residents?…this is sort of a right of passage that is coming along 5 years behind leading edge communities just like it was when the first Starbucks and Krispy Kreme Donuts came to town after blanketing the rest, of the country with their stores?…this is a small step as there are plenty of private cabs in town, but to get Uber does imply that Evansville is on the nations service industry radar?…it will also let some local people who qualify earn some extra income?IS IT TRUE if the powers that be would had listened to former County Commissioner Dave Mosby and Vanderburgh County Sheriff Brad Ellsworth concerning building a larger jail this issue would not being be discussed today? …they were correct that the new jail should had been built on the future needs and not the present needs?IS IT TRUE we are extremely disappointed that Vanderburgh County Commissioners Bruce Ungethiem and Cheryl Musgrave are using an Indianapolis based public relations/consultant firm to speak on their behalf concerning the funding and renovation of the Vanderburgh County jail? …we find this move not to be in the best interest of open government?  …we wonder who is paying for the services of Indianapolis based public relations/consultant firm? …we also wonder how much this service is costing?IS IT TRUE we are also puzzled why the newly elected County Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave has decided to stay mum about the jail issue?  …during the election Ms. Musgrave never shy away from the media in order to take advantage of a photo opt or the opportunity to give her opinions about any governmental issue that came before her?IS IT TRUE Deputy Mayor Steve Schaefer acknowledged that Mayor Winnecke is aware of the bill to help fund the new addition on the Vanderburgh County jail? …Its common knowledge that that any State Representative would never submit a bill on behalf of the city without the knowledge or permission of the Mayor? …don’t tell us that the Mayor is involved in another back room political deal?IS IT TRUE President Donald Trump started his term off with a flurry of activity by withdrawing the United States from the TPP trade agreement, declaring that NAFTA will be renegotiated, and by signing an executive order to encourage the regulatory agencies to roll back as much of the Affordable Care Act as possible to save people money?…it is about to get really interesting as President Trump goes about trying to do the things he said he would with respect to the economy?FOOTNOTE: Todays “Readers Poll’ question is:  Do you feel that Mayor Winnecke quietly gave his permission to increase the local income tax from the current 1% to 1.25% to help fund the jail renovation?FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more